Smoke holds on for the weekend, despite high hopes for clear skies

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We can't seem to catch a break this summer, as we reside yet another day under an Air Quality Alert across much of the state of Colorado. Despite high hopes for smoke-filled skies to clear out for the weekend, it appears at least Saturday will remind quite smoky around here.

Denver’s summer of poor air quality continues, wildfire smoke is only part of the issue
Today marks yet another day where an Air Quality Alert is in place along the urban corridor and much of Eastern Colorado. It’s been an exceptionally smoggy summer, reminding many Denverites of the infamous brown cloud of the 1990s […

Storm chances this afternoon are helping beat back some of the poor air we're seeing yet again across the region. A look at the radar at 2pm this afternoon shows the showers and storms pushing off the Front Range, which remain the theme through the early evening, with about a 40% chance of storms in place for the urban corridor through 6pm.

Even as we manage a brief break from some of the smoke today, it'll be short-lived. A big push of smoke from California fires is forecast to move through on Saturday, denoted by the yellows/reds below:

In addition to the ongoing smoke spilling into Colorado, the heat remains in the forecast as well. We'll be a few degrees cooler on Saturday (perhaps), but it won't exactly be the start of a trend. Temperatures will be back in the 90s by Sunday, with upper 90s again possible on Monday. Oof!

Stay cool, enjoy your weekend, and take care from the air!