Matt Lanza

Matt Lanza is an operational forecast meteorologist in the energy industry in Houston.
The Human Element of a Weather Forecast
Being a meteorologist is a difficult job some days. Usually, it’s an academic problem: Trying to decide between two weather forecast models, gnashing your teeth over a couple degrees on a forecast, adding a chance of rain on a weekend day, etc. It’s what most people know meteorologists to do. We’re scientists who predict the future. We forecast weather, so we obviously consider different things rooted in science. Every so often though, you get pulled into an entirely different set of circumstan
Without Warning: Moving from Twitter Anger to Action
NBC headline proclaiming tornado came "without warning" falls flat Last night I had the opportunity to talk to Dakota Smith and Tyler Jankoski on their Weather Junkies podcast . It was a fun experience, and the first time I've done anything like that in a long time. On the podcast, there was a well-timed question I felt I had an odd answer to. I was asked what I thought was the biggest problem involving social media and weather. The hip answer would