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Record Heat
Denver's first 90 degree day came with record heat across Colorado
Tuesday set a number of records across the state for heat, including Denver. Denver not only hit 90 degrees for the first time this year, but also set a record high set of 92°F. The previous record was 90°F set back in 2009. Denver was not the only site to set a record Tuesday. Across Colorado, more than a dozen stations report record highs as of Tuesday afternoon (some stations will not report their record until Wednesday). Of those, new records for Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academ
Snowfall Forecast
Another snow on the way Thursday: Tuesday PM update
We continue to watch yet another snow on the way for Thursday, the latest in a series of impulses to bring snow to the region. The next system appears to have potential to bring quite a bit more snowfall for some, perhaps mimicking the last system with some of its totals. The foothills west and northwest of Denver are likely to see the greatest snowfall totals from this system, barring any changes between now and Thursday. Here is a look at the snowfall totals from the last (if you need a spec
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, March 29th, 2020
Two chances for some precipitation this week, one to end March and the other to start April. Speaking of the end of March, let's see how the month will end in terms of precipitation and temperature. The last chance of March precipitation likely won't amount to enough to change that anomaly map very much, neither will the temperature map as we actually warm a bit more over the next couple days. Sunday into Monday is a chance for some rain and snow statewide, however it won't amount to much, if
Snowfall Forecast
Friday's rain and snow chance, Thursday PM update
We continue to track the chance for rain and snow Friday, especially late in the day, through Saturday. Although the total impact will be hit and miss, some areas will have enough snow to bring some slush and snow to roadways –– albeit a low impact considering so many of us shelter in place. Let's watch the system from Thursday evening through Saturday evening. That L, center of lowest pressure, develops over the eastern plains and then gains strength as it pushes northeast toward Des Moines.
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, March 23rd, 2020
A system will approach for the end of the week, but at this time it doesn't appear to be as robust or as wet as the system last week. Let's do a quick check on precipitation for the month. Here is the month to date precipitation anomaly: So far, we see the highest surplus is over the Northern Front Range and pockets of the mountains and Western Slope. Southern Colorado is in a deficit for the month. Still, with last week's wet storm, a great to see the above average moisture for many given the
Denver Snow
Monday & Tuesday could be interesting, snowfall impact on the way for some
It'll be interesting to see how the Monday and Tuesday system will play out for Denver and the other metro areas because it is part of a weather transition into a quieter phase for the last two weeks of February. We posted to our PRO users the monthly outlook and how the drought numbers will change during that time. The bottom line, after this next weather maker the storm flow will become less active again. Speaking of active, the star
Snow Forecast
Top 5 snowy starts to February continues with another chance of snow on Wednesday
February 2020 is the 4th snowiest to date in Denver-Stapleton's record and another snow may accumulate Wednesday across the metro areas and Front Range. Denver International Airport, where official records are kept for Denver, has recorded 10.8” of snow so far this month, which is 3.1" above the average for the entire month of February. Many locations across the metro area have seen much more snow than this to start the month. Our station, located on Denver’s west side, has recorded 22.5” so fa
Denver Snow
Impactful snow event for NoCo tries to take shape
The next snow event is unfolding in the mountains for the next several days, but some of that snow will make it over central and northern parts of Colorado Thursday to Friday (mainly Friday as it appears right now) with a higher impact near Fort Collins and Greeley versus Denver. The mountains will have significant snowfall for central and northern ranges through the weekend, over two feet possible which is great for the ski and water industries but will be rough on travelers and the backcountr
Denver Cold Weather
A cold night ahead across Colorado, next chance of snow arrives later this week
The coldest temperatures since November 27th are on the way for overnight as lows will be near to and fall below zero for some. Of course, the cold outlook implies the ice and snow won't have much of a chance to melt until Wednesday with a bit of a warm-up to come. So, be careful on those roads as they won't have too much recovery time today. Snowfall totals We won't spend too much time verifying the snowfall forecast that we produced, as it was well in line with observations. Denver official
Denver Snow
Significant change arrives, update on Monday's impact of ice and snow across Northeast Colorado
No doubt your Super Bowl hangover is made a bit tougher with a significant temperature drop, ice, and snow in parts of Northern Colorado by early Monday, with a growing impact during the day. Be careful this morning; ice is already an issue! Reports of freezing drizzle, sleet, and snow received by Monday morning match the forecast we published Sunday giving
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, January 5th, 2020
Welcome to the 2020s! January is likely to take on the weather pattern that established itself in December. It's been well over a month since the city received more than three inches of snow; most of December was dry until the holiday snow event. January, at present and looking at the longer-range forecasts, looks to follow suit with little snow in the outlook, however, there is a chance later this week. Although the snow season to date is ahead of average, look at the snow received since Dec
Denver Snow
Wednesday PM Update: Weekend snow event
Accumulating snow and travel impact returns to Colorado Thursday through Monday with the highest impact coming to the mountains Friday and to the lower country, including the Denver area, Sunday. A snowy system will begin to spread snow over the mountains Thursday into Friday, and sadly the wind will be quite strong also. Through Friday afternoon, the snowfall in the mountains will be climbing to more than a foot, and there will be travel difficulties due to wind up to and over 70 mph. As we
Denver's top December snowstorms on record
December is historically Denver's third snowiest month which averages 8.1 inches of snowfall. There have been some noteworthy years for snowfall this month, including the Christmas storm in the early 80s. Here we take a look at the top storms in December: #3. 20.7" December 20th to 21st, 2006 This storm was one of the biggest challenges to the city's "new" Denver International Airport and was a catalyst for changes in the airport's operations and procedures [https://www.internationalairportre
Denver Snow
Denver's biggest snow storm hit 106 years ago today
Every once in a while it snows a lot in Denver, and on rare occasions, it absolutely gets buried. Denver and areas of the Front Range to the mountains were buried in snowfall 106 years ago. Between December 1 and 5, 1913, Denver received 45.7 inches of snow. Even after more than one hundred years, it remains Denver's largest single snowfall event. The next closest was the blizzard of 2003 when 31.8" of snow was recorded at Denver International Airport, nearly 14 fewer inches than in 1913. Sour
Snow possible Thursday for Denver metro area and urban corridor, likely in the high country
There's a system that will bring snow to the mountains Wednesday into Thursday and some of that snow will try to peel off the high country to cover parts of the urban corridor Thursday morning. This event isn't likely to bring an impact to all areas but has a higher potential impact in the mountains and the foothills to the west and south of Denver. With any banded snowfall event, the exact placement of higher totals will be determined close to the event - should it occur. We see the potential
Snowfall Forecast
The western United States, including parts of Colorado, to see incredible snowfall totals Thanksgiving week
On the heels of one storm comes a persistent snowy pattern for the western U.S. that will drop more than three feet of snow on many mountain ranges, including here in Colorado. The WPC forecast (set to the 50th percentile which symbolizes the most likely, median, totals) above indicates off the chart snowfall totals for California's Sierras, parts of Utah, and Colorado's San Juan Mountains. And, this is just through Friday. The northern Rockies from Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, into Canada will h
Colorado Weather
Significant snowfall hits Denver and Colorado's Front Range, additional snow to come
A major snowfall for some areas and significant for others brings the Front Range to a near halt Tuesday morning as snow continues. Here are some preliminary totals through 10 am Tuesday, which will climb higher in some cases. 09:00 am MST - 11/26/2019 3 NNE DRAKE, CO 33 07:30 am MST - 11/26/2019 4 ENE RED FEATHER LAKES, CO 32 07:00 am MST - 11/26/2019 11 SE ESTES PARK, CO 31.7 06:45 am MST - 11/26/2019 4 WSW DRAKE, CO 29 08:47 am MST - 11/26/2019 1 N GENESEE, CO 24.5 07:00 am MST - 11/26/2019
Snowfall Forecast
Significant snow likely for metro Denver and all of Northeast Colorado, the latest on impacts
The latest data continue to show a heavy snowfall event to come for Northern Colorado Monday night through Tuesday. We published our extensive thoughts on the storm this morning but wanted to reiterate some things this evening and bring you the latest in trends in the model data. The storm's speed is the same as projected. The track of the storm shifted subtly to the north by enough distan
Travel Impacts
Travel impact returns early Thanksgiving week after a quiet weekend
As one impactor clears, the next moves in Monday and Tuesday to create travel issues for those headed out for Thanksgiving. Per the last storm, most locations measured between 1 and 4 inches of snow. A few locales had closer to 5 or 6 inches. Models had a horrible time with these systems (as we opined they might ), but in the end a pretty nice little snow for many locations. As
Snowfall Forecast
Thursday update on snow event
We are watching additional snow bands for the rest of Thursday into midday Friday that will bring some areas an impact for drivers. Overall, our thinking hasn't changed from our previous forecasts . Here's an animation for the next several hours according to the HRRR model: Per snowfall totals from midday Thursday through Friday morning there are two camps, the low end shown: And, the
Denver Forecast
Weekend outlook includes some rain and snow across the state
As we near the weekend, there is a system to move through the region Saturday and will deliver some rain and snow to Colorado, but for what increasingly looks like for only isolated areas. Earlier this week we discussed this incoming system with the Insiders and mentioned: > However, if the trough should trend to be any more shallow and/or faster the total area of impact will decrease, that's the trend we are leaning toward at the moment. That trend certainly has been realized as the incomin
Snow Forecast
Sunday cold front to chill Monday with a bit of ice and snow
Record-breaking Saturday heat moderates a bit today before a sub-freezing Monday, following a strong cold front later in the day today. DIA hit 77ºF Saturday to break the existing record of 76ºF from the 1920s, which was set at the Downtown Denver site. Sunday, although still well above average, will warm into the 60s, a cold front approaches to bring a quick end to the heat. That cold front will move through the Front Range and Plains Sunday afternoon through the evening. As it does so, clou
Weekend Outlook
From 70° to a chance of snow, your weekend outlook
Denver and the Front Range will go from a very warm Saturday to another wintry mix by later Sunday. Like the last system to swing through here, this one may bring some slick areas to the Monday morning commute. For Friday and Saturday, calm conditions around the state with temperatures well above average. Friday, afternoon temperatures will range from 5 to 15 degrees warmer than average: Saturday, afternoon temperatures will range from 10 to 20 degrees warmer than average: Here are hourly
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Denver Forecast
Wintry mix possible late Wednesday, ice a potential issue for the roads
Although the pattern isn't supporting big snows right now, an approaching cold front will bring a chance for a wintry mix late Wednesday into Thursday morning to Eastern Colorado. The front arrives Wednesday afternoon from the northeast and this will create upslope flow for all of eastern Colorado. This upslope flow will be enough to support low cloud cover and fog development into the evening hours. As areas see the clouds lower and fog form there will be a few spots that see freezing drizzle
Top 10 snowiest Novembers for Denver, select Front Range cities
Denver's long-running average is 7.5 inches of snow in November. This makes it the cities 5th snowiest month on average, behind December, February, March, and April. Denver International Airport, where official records are currently kept (and have been since 2005) averages 3.3 inches, meanwhile, Stapleton (1948-2018) averages 8 inches. Other sites: * Fort Collins (1894-2018) averages 6.8 inches. * Boulder (1893-2018) averages 11.2 inches. * Castle Rock/Sedalia (1959-2018) averages 10.5 inch
Snowfall Totals
Third snowiest October for Stapleton, 4th Boulder, 5th Colorado Springs
Given no snow is expected today, the month will close at 12.5 inches of snowfall for Denver which is 12th highest of all 'official' Denver Octobers. That stat does compare several snowfall measurement sites, so let's see how it really compares. First, this October ranks 12th in Denver's official record: Since this monthly total was measured at DIA, let's compare this to DIA's period of record for October snow totals: This year is 2nd to 2009 in DIA's short history of snowfall reports. L
Denver Forecast
Travel Troubles Already, Another Round of Heavy Snow Tuesday PM
If Tuesday morning's drive is any indication of how the rest of the day will play out, stay home! Tuesday morning had an initial push of heavy snow across the region ahead of another push of snow expected later Tuesday all the way through Wednesday morning, for some. All modeling from late Monday and Tuesday early morning had the morning snowfall for the northern Front Range and mountains for the morning drive, but to seemingly trivial amounts –– outside of Fort Collins which was progged to ha
Snowfall Totals
Storm Recap: Snowfall Totals and Forecast Verification
Snowfall totals for the overnight storm came Thursday morning and fit largely within the forecast ranges we provided earlier this week. Here are the point observations via the CoCoRaHS network. Click here for an interactive version of this map . An interpolation of the observations is shown here(right), side by side with our forecast(left). Overall, the majority of points aligned with the forecast. Where we did not hit the mark was off by an inch or two. To have p
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, October 20, 2019
Fall-like conditions have returned and will remain this week with the potential for snowfall by Wednesday night. The past week featured a pair of 80s for high temperatures (likely the last of the year, as we wrote previously ) before the cool off through this weekend. Outside of wind –– and related fire danger, there was little impact with the colder pattern change for the Front Range. The mou