Broncos Forecast: Warm

We stumbled into this extended stretch of "no-weather-at-all" with a brief bout of snow on Tuesday. Denver proper received about a half inch of snow, while some locations picked up a quick inch or two. A number of Alberta Clippers will continue to bring waves of cold and snow to the upper midwest over the next week, but little effect if any is expected on our weather across Colorado. Occasional Chinook winds and warmth will be the weather story through the period.

Temperatures are forecast to be almost spring-like this weekend. Highs both Saturday and Sunday will be some 15 degrees above normal with upper 50s and low 60s expected across the Front Range this weekend. The wind should remain much milder as well, with partly to mostly sunny skies.

If the sunsets are any indication of what's to come this weekend, lookout! There have been some stunning Broncos colors in the sky this week.

You'll likely start hearing more and more chatter in the coming days about a potential pattern shift for late in the month and early February. I'll caution right now that the ridge in the west is not going anywhere without a serious fight. The models over the last days have tried to bring a shot of cold to Colorado by the last week of January -- but each time they do the consecutive run backs off this solution. Much more to come in the State of the Atmosphere this weekend.

Go Broncos!