That's the Way the Snowflake Crumbles

We are continuing to track a change in our weather due in overnight Monday into Tuesday. Snow is in the forecast Tuesday, though if you were hoping for "the big one," this alas, will not be the one. Similar in nature to our previous systems, this one too will be short lived but bring a dramatic drop in temperatures to Colorado.

Monday saw highs in the mid 70s across northeast Colorado, despite a big mountain wave cloud setting early across the urban corridor. Tomorrow's highs will be some 30 degrees colder, with temperatures falling into the 30s through the afternoon. The wind associate with tomorrow's front will make our cold temperatures feel even colder, especially as precipitation mixes in.

All models today have come in even drier than they were over the weekend for Denver. The NAM is completely dry, while the GFS, EURO and SREF have all nearly halved their QPF for KDEN tomorrow. That being said, we do expect some rain and snow to develop with the passage of the front, and a few locales may make out with a few inches of accumulation. We currently expect all lower elevations to be in the 0 to 2 inch range, with any accumulation that does occur being mostly confined to grassy and raised surfaces.

This storm will be long gone by Wednesday with mostly sunny skies returning to northeast Colorado. Highs will climb into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees Wednesday, and back to the upper 50s by Thursday!

Should anything change with tonight's model runs, we'll be sure to push an update. Stay tuned!