A New Look for Weather5280 to Start 2015

A new year and big changes this week at Weather5280 as we unveil a new look and feel to the site.

Until now, Weather5280 has been a custom built Node.js application which, over time, has proved difficult to maintain, especially with the addition of so many new contributors over the last year. This release transitions the site to the Ghost platform for article creation and curation, while still wrapping the entire app in another Node.js instance for continued flexibility in external page creation, visualizations, and new tools for forecasters that we have in development.

Aside from the backened infrastructure changes, this release also includes many new front-end UI changes as well. Part of the goal was to clean things up a bit, and make the site as a whole simpler to read, navigate, and faster. As always, please let us know what you think.

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Odds and ends
It was a big move, and we likely lost a few things along the way. You'll note that I was able to save most of the comments and social shares for all of our old articles, but not all. I'm also still working to move all archived content over – I'm currently back to December 2013 – and should have the rest ported over soon.

IF you find that something is missing, or a link that used to work is no longer working, please let us know! We truly value hearing from you, especially if there are things we can improve on our end.

email: weather5280@gmail.com
twitter: @weather5280
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RSS has moved
If you subscribe to Weather5280 via RSS, this is one thing that has changed. The new feed is located at: http://www.weather5280.com/rss/

Thank you
Again a big thank you to everyone in the community for helping to make Weather5280 what it is today. I hope these changes serve as improvements to your experience on the site.