The Boston Snow Party

Record-breaking snow piled high in The Hub
I've been trying to ignore what's going on in Boston in effort to remain sane. Few things will get snow-envy going better than baking in record heat while snowstorm after snowstorm hammer the same city over and again.

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It all started with the blizzard that wasn't (but actually was) a few weeks ago. Yes, there was oops in communicating the forecast for NYC, but much of the region was slammed by feet of snow. This storm opened the door for what will no doubt go down as one of the most memorable winters for the Boston area.

Today marked the 12th day in the last 16 days that Boston saw snowfall, a day in which the city's 40 day snowfall record was broken in just 17 days. At 73.9" of snow on the season, this season has moved into the number 10 spot for snowiest seasons on record, and it's still coming down. Boston's average seasonal snowfall is 43.7" according to NOAA. As of midday, the snow depth at Boston Logan was 37", the deepest snow depth on record since 1891 for the city.

The latest round of snow which began on Saturday will begin to taper off tonight, with Winter Storm Warnings in the area expiring after midnight. Total snowfall will range from 10 - 20", with a few locations pushing 30" from this storm.

More snow in the forecast
More snow appears likely for New England over the next week, including a chance for blizzard conditions again by Thursday night into Friday for eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island if the GFS is correct.

GFS blizzard forecast | Weather5280 Models

GFS snowfall forecast through the 14th:

New England snowfall forecast 18z GFS | Weather5280 Models

Followed by at least two rounds of incredible cold.

CONUS temperature anomaly forecast 18z GFS | Weather5280 Models

At least it's winter somewhere.

Brendan Heberton

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