Snowfall Totals; Snow Showers and Chilly Temperatures Linger

Scattered snow showers continue at this hour, but additional daytime accumulation should be light, with the exception of a few foothill locations that may pick up an additional few inches through the day. Our storm will continue to exit the region through the remainder of the day, leaving behind very cold overnight temperatures Friday night into Saturday morning, before warming gets underway for the weekend. All winter weather highlights have been canceled for the Denver area, though a Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for the Front Range foothills and western Palmer Divide through this afternoon.

Overall, a pretty good storm for the region. And of course, SO great to see moisture after weeks of dry and unseasonably warm weather having dominated the weather pattern.

Below is a map of the most recent storm reports from the National Weather Service. In Denver snowfall totals from 3 - 5" were common, with the heaviest snowfall totals coming in from Boulder, and points north and west. At our station in central Denver we recorded 4.1" of snow as of 10:00am; hugging the high end of our forecast. Meanwhile, Denver International Airport was reporting 4.2" of snow through early this morning, fitting well within our 2 - 5" forecast.

The latest interpolated snowfall totals analysis shows a similar story, with greatest totals across Boulder County and the northern Front Range mountains, with a swath of 3 - 5" extending southeast across the Palmer Ridge and down into the northern Colorado Springs metro area.

Snowfall totals map for northeast Colorado March 17 - 18, 2016 | Weather5280 Models

We'll end up a bit short with our forecast in a few locations. With the bulk of the snowfall coming after dark Thursday night (except up north near Fort Collins and points northeast), this helped with snow being able to better accumulate despite warm surface temperatures. A Few very good bands of snow really helped drive totals up a bit across the Palmer Ridge and areas south overnight, while the easiest forecast in the state is for Boulder to exceed expectations.

Here are a few additional snowfall totals from around the region:

Location Forecast Total Bust?
Buckhorn Mountain 4 - 8"+ 16.2" (woo!)
Southwest Boulder 4 - 8"+ 10.9" (mini bust)
North Boulder 4 - 8"+ 8.6" 👍
Broomfield 3 - 6" 8.0" (bust high!)
Breckenridge 4 - 8" 6.5" 👍
Northwest Denver 3 - 6" 6.1" 👍
South Fort Collins 4 - 8" 6.0" 👍
Northeast Colorado Springs 2 - 5" 5.0" 👍
DIA (official) 2 - 5" 4.2" 👍
Weather5820 (Denver) 1 - 4" 4.1" 👍
North Aurora 2 - 5" 4.0" 👍
Greeley 2 - 5" 4.0" 👍
Castle Rock 2 - 5" 3.3" 👍

By tonight all snowfall will come to an end and cold temperatures will settle in. Overnight lows will be in the teens across the metro area, with a few single digit readings at lower elevations not out of the question. Here is a look at the latest GFS 2-meter temperature forecast for early Saturday morning, with MOS guidance suggesting a low of 13 - 15° at KDEN tonight.

Weather5280 Models

By Saturday afternoon we'll begin to warm things up again, with daytime highs near 40 degrees Saturday, and highs climbing into the low to mid 50s Sunday. Great to see some moisture finally, and it could be we'll see so more by next week.

Brendan Heberton

Brendan is founder of Weather5280. He is co-founder of FreshyMap, and develops software for geospatial data analysis and visualization.

Denver, Colorado
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