Southeast Colorado Update, October 28, 2016

During the course of the past week, the state has really suffered in the moisture department. In fact, most of us were hard pressed to have cloud cover let alone rain or snow. Southeast Colorado saw a few isolated showers, but it didn't amount to much in the way of moisture:

Observed Precipitation the Past Week

Here is this week's latest drought report showing another increase in the drought coverage of the state which is now more than half of Colorado.

USDA Drought Monitor

Going through the next 14 days, or so, we are looking at an overall trend of warmer than average temperatures. This is keeping in line with the warmer than average temperatures we've had throughout October. The first week of November will have cooler temperatures comparatively but still near to warmer than their average.

The latest precipitation from most of the modeling is bleak over the next week+. There has been some indication at times that some tropical moisture out of the Gulf will make it into southeast Colorado by early next week... but as you can see in the map below, the latest forecast from the GFS does not see this happening. Unless we can tap into some of that tropical moisture, our stretch of dry weather continues.

Weather5280 Accumulated Precipitation

The two weeks that follow this will likely not have as widespread precipitation either. And, it is likely that the most likely area for moisture will shift to the northwestern corner.