Southeast Colorado Update December 30th, 2016: Wintry Pattern Next Week

Since the Christmas Day storm, we've had several days of uneventful weather. That is about to change next week. The pattern is setting up to get cold, and stay cold. The maps below show the expected temperature trend and the transition as arctic air makes its presence felt.

Midday Monday

Midday Tuesday

Midday Wednesday

Midday Thursday

Midday Friday

Not only is the pattern going to get cold, but it will stay cold. Right now, the coldest weather looks to take hold after Tuesday.

What about snow chances? Well, there will be some snow too. While totals outside the mountains don't look huge, it will likely be enough to complicate travel from time to time. The image below shows the GFS Model snow potential for the next 10 days:

The amounts shown, are at a 15:1 ratio. We don't like to talk specific amounts this far out, due to the lack of accuracy. Just know that snow will be possible starting as early as Tuesday for northern areas, and will impact areas farther south and east during midweek. Clearly, the mountains will get the most snow... Stay tuned and we'll fine tune the forecast in the coming days.