January 11th, 2017: Potential Storm Update

Well folks, I'm sick of talking about the wind. So let's talk about a potential storm, that COULD deliver some much needed moisture to the region. Models are still wrestling with timing and exact storm track, and that is to be expected. However, most of the global models (especially the GFS and ECMWF) are in agreement that a storm of some size will impact the Western High Plains and Southern Plains. Here, we'll just focus on Southeast Colorado.

GFS Model 6hr Total Precipitation, Precipitation Type, Pressure

Saturday Evening:

Sunday Morning:

Sunday Evening:

Monday Morning:

Monday Evening:

Right now, the GFS brings in the bulk of the moisture from late Saturday night through early Monday. The ECMWF Model, which is many times superior to the GFS, has the same idea, but is slower with the storm movement. That being said, the GFS model is indicating that Southeast Colorado may get some REALLY nice moisture. In fact, models continue to bullseye Southeast Colorado with the best moisture from the upcoming storm. There will likely be some rain...possibly some icing, and some snow. Some of that snow could be heavy too... The maps below show the total expected liquid precipitation and the total expected snowfall.

As you can see, the GFS suggests that areas southeast of a line from Co Springs to Limon to Yuma will likely see the best moisture. No doubt, some of the snow COULD be significant.

Which leads me to this... It is still VERY early, so please do not focus on the specifics at this point. There are still come concerns as to how much moisture will make it up here, and how far south the main storm center will track. Both will have huge implications for what we either see or don't see. Any little shift will mean a lot... Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted...