Southeast Colorado Update February 9th, 2017

Just a quick update on our storm system this weekend. Most of the good energy with this storm will pass too far south to give us much in the way of meaningful moisture. However, some computer models do bring some light accumulating snow to Southeast Colorado late Saturday night into Sunday. The GFS Model pictured below shows snowfall potential during that time...

Thursday Morning Model Run

Thursday Midday Model Run

Just wanted to show you the differences in the model runs. I still think it might be a bit heavy handed with its snowfall, but has the right idea in hitting the Palmer Divide and areas to the south/southwest of Pueblo with the "best" snow. Areas east of I-25 likely not going to see much in the way of snow, and this storm is warm. Thus, whatever falls will likely have a hard time sticking at lower elevations. Mountain locations west of I-25 will see a nice little round, but nothing huge.