Southeast Colorado Update, March 9th, 2017: The Next 10 Days

As we've been saying for awhile, the weather pattern just isn't good right now. This is especially true for Southeast Colorado. The storm track is favoring areas much too far to the north and east, and this isn't going to change in the near term. The map below shows the GFS Model prediction for total moisture during the next 10 days:

Notice that areas along and north of I-70 may get a bit of moisture, but certainly nothing significant. Locations farther south, will likely be shut out. In fact, the upper level weather pattern (courtesy of the ECMWF Model) a week from today and beyond looks like this...

Thursday March 15th

Saturday March 17th

Monday March 19th

Notice the strong ridge of high pressure that builds from the Desert Southwest, and expands eastward. This pattern will keep us warm, occasionally windy, and dry. The trough that develops late in the period off of the West Coast is not certain to impact us either. Going to take awhile to break this pattern...