10th Anniversary of the Windsor Tornado

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Windsor Tornado, arguably the most devastating tornado in Colorado’s recorded history.

It was mid-morning when storms rapidly gained strength, becoming tornadic by 11:27 am.

Here is the radar animation of the Windsor storm via the NWS Office - Boulder:

There was one fatality; only one of three tornadoes to have an associated fatality in Colorado.

78 people were injured, the most of any tornado in the state.

This tornado was rare for Colorado in several other ways:

  • Strength was an EF3 (there have been 24 EF/F 3 rated tornadoes in Colorado since 1950).
  • Path was nearly 40 miles long (2nd longest in CO history).
  • Mile wide at one point (widest in CO history).
  • Headed to in a northwest direction.
  • Developed in the late morning, just before 11:30.

Here is an interactive map that can show you the path of the Windsor Tornado, and all others in Colorado and the nation from 1950 to 2015: