Weekend Outlook: Scattered Showers on the Plains, Heavy Mountain Snow, Avalanche Danger HIGH

More heavy snow is pushing through the high country today and tonight, with lingering snow showers off and on through the weekend. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center has "considerable" and "high" avalanche alert out for most of the high country through the weekend.

For snow, look for 8 - 16" for the central mountains through tonight, with most of the high country seeing good snow over the next several days:

East across the plains, we'll see some rain, snow, and mixed precipitation push through later today. Strong winds will be an issue for the Front Range foothills, with a High Wind Watch in effect tonight for these areas with gusts to 60mph expected.

A look at the 3km NAM shows the chance of rain and snow showers moving across the urban corridor this afternoon and evening.

It shows the potential for a few pockets of quick accumulation (generally around an inch or two) but most areas aren't likely to see anything accumulate. This particular model shows the best chance for some light accumulation over Boulder County and Denver's Southeast suburbs, but... that could really end up anywhere across the region:

Other high-res models show similar solutions. The HRRR shows best chance for rain and snow to move through the urban corridor between 6 and 10 pm, with actually a pretty good burst of precipitation on its latest run around 9 pm:

After tonight a generally quiet but cool weekend ahead for the plains. On Weather5280 Insider we've been tracking a stronger system due to move through early next week... still a LOT of uncertainty with what its eventual impacts will be across eastern Colorado –– ranging from heavy snow to a few rain showers to nothing by wind... but a system that's worth keeping an eye on through the weekend nonetheless. We'll have a post here in the next day or two if things start to look a bit more convincingly like a storm for us, otherwise, as you were.


This is a collaborative post from multiple authors at Weather5280.

Denver, Colorado
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