Stay Weather Aware Friday, Weekend Rain and Snow

As a cold front approaches (that we mentioned in our last post) Friday there is the increased likelihood for severe weather, including the Denver area.

The overall dynamics have come together for many areas to have large to potentially damaging thunderstorms Friday, particularly the sheer environment. The varying wind throughout the lower and middle atmosphere will support rotating thunderstorms starting in the midday near Denver, and that area of rotational availability moves east later in the day.

Here is the helicity (rotational element of the environment) peaking in the circled/shaded areas at 3 pm Friday:

And the same element for 6 pm Friday:

Within those highlighted areas is the most significant potential for damaging storms - hail, wind, tornadoes. So, an area from the city to the Colorado-Kansas/Nebraska border.

That area doesn't end there. An expansive risk area for Friday:

Here's an animation for the Central-South Plains showing storms popping near Denver just after lunch and headed to the Plains and western Kansas overnight.

That's focus one, the severe thunderstorm cluster that is possible Friday afternoon and evening.

Focus two, snow and rain potential throughout the weekend. Here's the final image of the animation above that shows rain and snow in a line across our mountains; yep, our cold front.

The cold front coming through late Friday will impact the entire region throughout the weekend.

Rain and snow possible in the mountains, periods of rain and thunder for the metro areas and northern plains. Southern Colorado, colder temperatures with isolated storms possible.

Since snow might have grabbed your attention most out of those elements, let's look at the median/average snowfall amount expected this weekend.

No, it isn't a lot unless you are on the northern section of the Divide, but considering this is the first weekend of summer (astrologically) it is a notable amount.

Now, to the metro areas. This weekend is not a pool-opener for the summer. Both Denver and Colorado Springs will have unseasonably cold temperatures of 60s for both Saturday and Sunday as shown along the red temperature plot. Saturday and Sunday will have rain, too.

In both cases, rain chances focus more on Saturday, but even Sunday should have some showers, and that's what the data shows in the green/blue boxes here.

I guess we are leaving you with a few takeaways: Stay aware Friday for severe weather and plan something this weekend that takes into account unusually cool and wet weather.

If you are craving warmer/drier outdoor style conditions, we'd recommend you head into southern Colorado where the impact will be much lesser.