The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, June 30th, 2019

Denver made up a little ground on the lack of 90° days this past week with today being the 5th in a row. With that said, the streak ends with cooler days ahead due to more thunderstorm activity.

Even with the recent warm spell, June will end as a cooler than average month for Denver, Colorado, and really much of the country aside from the West Coast and Southeast:

Prism Climate Group

It'll depend on your exact spot for being above or below average precipitation-wise, but overall a bias toward above average precipitation for Northern and Eastern Colorado, with the Southwest corner of the state drying out:

Prism Climate Group

So, how does July look?

We are in the process of publishing our monthly and three monthly outlooks for the Insiders and Insider Pros. Briefly, we are looking at another month where temperatures are likely to lean cooler than average, with precipitation wetter than average for the Denver area and much of eastern Colorado.

The cooler, relative speaking, outlook for the next few days is due to increased thunderstorm coverage around the area. This stormier start to the week will bring the weather back to near par for at least a couple of days.

In fact, we'll likely stretch relative normal weather out to several days during the first week of July. In terms of temperatures and precipitation, let's look at the meteograms for Denver and Colorado Springs:

For Denver, temperatures near average this coming week, with ensembles showing those (at least spotty) storm chances each afternoon. For the Springs, look for better storm chances than Denver, especially to start the week, with 40 to 60% chances in the forecast for the next several days.

This pattern may actually cool a bit by next weekend into the following week.

Historically, similar weather patterns bring average to wetter than average rainfall and average to colder than average temperatures for the first two weeks of the month. Here's a snapshot of analogous weather patterns for days 8 to 14.

The actuall WPC outlooks are a bit more convinced that week 2 of July will be cooler and wetter than average:

That's a snippet of what's ahead. As we get closer to July 4th, we'll have a specific forecast for your planning purposes, but for now looks pretty run-of-the-mill for early July -- nice and warm, with a chance of afternoon storms.