Season's First Measurable Snow for Denver Means Has Contest Come to a Close

For the third year in a row, Denver's first measurable snow has come before the median first date of Denver's first snow, October 18th. Denver officially recorded 1.0" of snow with Thursday's storm, though much of the metro area saw more than this.

This year, there were 33 contestants that guessed the correct date –– many of those entries coming as the storm began to look more sure (the contest didn't close until the 9th). Of those 33, three contestants correctly guessed 1".

So, the tie breaker goes to the submission date. Congratulations to Tim Cerniglia, who saw this storm coming a week and half out, submitting his guess on Sunday September 29th. Tim will be hitting the powder soon up at Loveland Ski Area.

Alexander Briski took second place submitting his guess on October 3rd, while Wiles Bobo comes in third, submitting on October 4th. Congratulations to both of you who will be sporting your new Weather5820 tees soon!

Below is a breakdown of all the contest entries. Greatest total guessed this year was 12", latest first snowfall guess was December 20th –– a full month after the latest first snow on record. Thank GOODNESS it was not correct.

Perhaps another chance of snow next weekend, but until then plenty of nice fall weather ahead.