Sunday cold front to chill Monday with a bit of ice and snow

Record-breaking Saturday heat moderates a bit today before a sub-freezing Monday, following a strong cold front later in the day today.

DIA hit 77ºF Saturday to break the existing record of 76ºF from the 1920s, which was set at the Downtown Denver site.

Sunday, although still well above average, will warm into the 60s, a cold front approaches to bring a quick end to the heat.

That cold front will move through the Front Range and Plains Sunday afternoon through the evening. As it does so, clouds increase as temperatures drop.

There will be enough moisture with this system to produce some areas of rain, freezing drizzle, and snow.

The timing of these elements will place them near the Wyoming and Nebraska borders by sunset, and then across our area up to and beyond midnight.

Below are the latest hourly timelines.

Fort Collins sees those precipitation chances increase after 6pm this evening, with greatest odds between 9pm and 9am. Temperatures will be in the low 20s for your morning commute:

Fort Collins

A similar look for Denver, with about an hour or two delay on everything:


And for Colorado Springs, lower probabilities altogether, with best chance for flurries/drizzle coming just in time for the morning commute:

Colorado Springs

Snowfall totals have been highly consistent in timing, amount, and location. This is true within individual models as well as across all modeling.

We are generally looking at the highest potential of a trace to a three-inch snowfall event when measurements are taken Monday morning. Our thoughts don't deviate from the following snow totals through Monday morning:

A touch more snowfall is possible across the Cheyenne Ridge and northern Colorado Rockies than elsewhere.

We don't expect all areas to have this snowfall, as it will be placed in a hit and miss pattern across the plains, metro areas, and northern Front Range mountains.

It goes without saying that if you are one that wakes to some ice and snowfall accumulation, there is the potential for a slick morning drive after scraping your windshields.

South of the Palmer the snowfall potential is much lower, but still some icy spots will be possible Monday morning.

The snow and ice potential clears quickly through Monday morning, and then we are left with a very chilly day –– most of us to stay below freezing.

By Tuesday, however, it'll be like nothing happened as we feel temperatures racing back into the 60s.

We expect the quiet and warm weather to persist through the end of the work week after a cold start Monday. The chart below shows the quick temperature drop later today and overnight, along with that chance of snow. Milder weather looks like a good bet through Friday, before perhaps another system swings through for the weekend: