Weekend outlook includes some rain and snow across the state

As we near the weekend, there is a system to move through the region Saturday and will deliver some rain and snow to Colorado, but for what increasingly looks like for only isolated areas.

Earlier this week we discussed this incoming system with the Insiders and mentioned:

However, if the trough should trend to be any more shallow and/or faster the total area of impact will decrease, that's the trend we are leaning toward at the moment.

That trend certainly has been realized as the incoming storm appears very weak and is to deliver just a bit of rain and snow to some.

Let's look at the hourly planners for the next few days for Denver (top) and Colorado Springs (bottom):


Colorado Springs

In both cases the chance of precipitation moves in Saturday afternoon and evening. In both cases those chances are pretty low, just 20 to 30% chances for showers at this time. Also of note, not nearly as cold as our last systems, with both charts above indicating a good chance if we see precipitation Saturday it would be in the form of rain for the cities –– at least earlier in the afternoon.

Those in the mountains, mostly northern, have a higher chance of at least getting a frosting of snow.

Total precipitation:

Total snowfall:

Neither of those images are overpowering. Perhaps a bit of accumulation from a stray shower over the higher terrain south and west of Denver?

The breakdown of the probability of snowfall along the Front Range isn't compelling for a snowlover, but does show some signs of possible accumulation on the Palmer Divide.

With that said, there is a system swinging through this weekend but the overall impact is low relative to some of the past few events we've tracked.

Next system rolls in during the middle part of next week, we'll see what it does.