Northeast Colorado snowfall totals November 25 - 26, 2019, and season to date snowfall stats

We needed a day to let the storm clear, but here, finally, are some snowfall totals from what was all in all a well predicted significant November snowstorm for the region.

Satellite images confirm the aerial impact of the storm, showing a large snowfield over northern Colorado... plus clouds to the west from our incoming system.

Denver International Airport recorded 9.5" of snow, which will be the official tally for the city, but overall not all that representative to what most of the urban corridor saw. In town, totals from 10 - 12" were most common, fitting snuggly in the high-end of our 6 - 12" forecast for Denver.

Elsewhere we unsurprisingly saw plenty of boom snowfall totals. Colorado Springs saw higher totals than originally forecast (as we mentioned they would in our last storm update), and cities from Boulder to Fort Collins saw totals near the 20" mark in many locations we had in our 8 - 14" range. Again, impacts here were the same, but in the end, we could have been more heavy-handed in our favored zone north of Denver. That said, we couldn't be happier! Lots of readers on the north side and you all have been long due for a big one!

Below are some additional totals from across the region, including a few 30"+ totals in the hills west of Boulder!

In Boulder, it was the date's largest snowfall, the 3rd largest 2-day November snowfall, and the 14th largest snowstorm of any month. For Fort Collins, it was the 2nd largest 2-day November snowfall. (This is also a comparison of single sites; there may be higher or lower totals in Boulder or Fort Collins only one individual site with a long climate record used here.)

If you feel like this has been a quick start to the snow season around here, you are not wrong. Boulder has recorded a whopping 55.1" of snow already this season, where average would be just 19.4" through the end of November!

And Boulder isn't the only city well ahead of schedule. Denver (DIA) has picked up 25.7" season to date now, where average to end November is 12.7", so more than double what we'd typically see during the first three months of the snow season. This is also the quickest start to the snow season since 1997 for Denver when the city saw 29.8" of snow through the end of November.

As we covered in our update yesterday more heavy snow on the way for the state through the remainder of the holiday week. The focus of that heavy snow will be in the mountains, with the Southwest mountains likely to pick up several feet of snow with this next round. For the plains, rain and snow showers are possible to end the week, but for the time being, it looks like more wind than precipitation east of the mountains. We will keep an eye on things to see if that changes between now and Friday.

Thank you all for all your reports and images over the recent days, we love the notes, feedback, questions, and reports! Keep them coming, and Happy Thanksgiving!