Not over yet, heavy snow continues for the mountains, off and on snow for the urban corridor through the afternoon

So far this system has played out just as expected –– delivering another good helping of snow for some, and largely skipping others altogether.

The heaviest snowfall last night setup south of where many models had it. How many times did we reiterate the fact that the placement of that heavy snow was likely to change, and we wouldn't know for sure until it developed. We've been very forward about the uncertainty around this forecast, but hopefully conveyed the potential this setup had as well.

As of 7 am the greatest total reported to the NWS for the Denver area was 8.0" in Parker. Across the Denver area totals from 4 - 7" have been most common.

This morning snowfall has picked up again across the urban corridor. Snow will continue off and on through the remainder of the day from the Colorado Springs metro area north to Fort Collins. Where the heaviest bands setup will continue to be a bit of a now-forecast, with really any of the Front Range communities in play. Heavier snow bands will be capable of producing snowfall from 1 - 2" per hour, with difficult travel expected at times through Friday afternoon.

Radar as of 7 am showing snow picking up again along the Front Range

As for how much more snow? If you end up under a heavier band of snow anywhere from 3 - 6" will be possible. Light snow elsewhere will equate to another 1 - 2" of snow in most locations.

The latest high-res NAM and HRRR favor heavier snow across Denver's west side extending southeast across the Palmer Divide. We also see an attempt to deliver some snow up north from Loveland to Fort Collins to Greeley –– where many of these areas missed on the heavier snowfall last night. We shall see.

The hourly planner for Denver (similar for surrounding areas as well) shows snow chances gradually tapering off through the late afternoon and evening hours. Temperatures will remain cold today (but could be worse?), and will drop into the low 20s overnight. A warm Saturday is on tap ahead of our next round of weather late in the weekend.

The Winter Weather Advisory from the National Weather Service remains in effect through midnight tonight. IF we can clear the snow out earlier look for an earlier expiration of that advisory, but at this point probably not a horrible idea to extend it well through when we expect the snow to end and cover all the bases. Again, after around 4 pm or so we really see those probabilities start to drop off.

How much snow have you seen, or not seen?

Brendan Heberton

Brendan is founder of Weather5280. He is co-founder of FreshyMap, and develops software for geospatial data analysis and visualization.

Denver, Colorado
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