Predict Denver's First Measurable Snowfall, 2018

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Rules & Information

Contestants to predict the date of Denver's first measurable snowfall.
Contest Duration
Runs from September 28, 2018 through October 12, 2018 (weather permitting)
  • What constitutes the first snowfall?
    • The first snowfall will be in accordance with the National Weather Service's (NWS) reports from Denver International Airport (DIA).
    • The date of the first snowfall will be on which day at least 0.1" of measurable snow is measured at DIA.
    • In the event of a tie breaker (see below), the snowfall total will be taken for the duration of the storm, even if that overlaps dates.
  • What is considered "measurable" snowfall?
    • The NWS considers 0.1" snow or greater measurable snowfall. It will take a least 0.1" to be considered the first snowfall of the season in Denver.
  • First Place
    • Correct date of first snowfall in Denver, CO. Or the contestant closest to that date if no contestant chooses correctly.
  • Second Place
    • The second closest contestant to the date of the first snowfall.
  • Third Place
    • The third closest contestant to the date of the first snowfall.
  • In the event of a tie
    • The first tie breaker will go to the contestant with the correct (or closest to correct) total snowfall amount predicted.
    • If two contestants pick both the same winning date and the same snowfall amount, the winning contestant will be decided on the submission date and time of prediction.
  • Contestants must submit full name and valid email address
    • Contestants who fail to deliver such requirements will be unable to be notified of their winnings, and thus will forfeit their prize to the next closest contestant.
  • One submission per person
    • If a contestant submits more than one time, the first submittal will be the one used in the contest; all additional submittals will be discarded.
  • Contest duration
    • The contest will open September 28, 2018 and will close at midnight of October 12, 2018. All submissions are final at time submitted, and no additional submissions will be accepted after the closing of the contest on October 12, 2018.
      • In the event that Denver’s first snowfall occurs before the conclusion of the contest, all votes 24 hours prior to the snow event will be retroactively disqualified as contest submissions, and the contest shall end early. If it is forecast to snow during the contest, but does not, the contest shall remain open until October 12, 2018 as scheduled.

Helpful Hints

It wouldn't be fair to give you the answer... but here are a few things to keep in mind when making your prediction:
  • Denver's average first snowfall is October 18th.
  • in 2017 the first snowfall was on October 9th.
  • in 2016 the first snowfall was on November 17th.
  • In 2015 the first snowfall was on November 4th.
  • In 2014 the first snowfall was on November 11th.
  • In 2013 the first snowfall was on October 18th.
  • In 2012 the first snowfall was on October 5th.
  • The earliest snowfall ever recorded in Denver was September 3, 1961.
  • The latest first snowfall ever recorded in Denver was November 21, 1934.