Winter Forecast Update: Analogs and Models

I am not going to spend much time on the main drivers with this update. We have talked about them at length in previous posts, and I think you pretty much know what they are. We've »

Confidence Growing in Pattern Shift as Global Models Spell Winter

There's greater confidence today that we'll see our long-awaited pattern shift back to winter next week after several weeks of (largely) unseasonably warm weather. While it »

Winter Outlook 2014-2015, Part 1: Analogs

If you didn’t attend the Weather5280 Meetup last week, you missed a great hang, but fear not: a) we’re likely to have another one »

El Niño Talk and Revisiting the 1950s

As you well know, I have been talking about the transition to El Niño for months. It has been underway in a serious fashion for about »