Snowfall Forecast
Snow, heavy at times, on Thursday for Denver and Front Range
We continue to track the arrival of a strong storm system late tonight to impact your day Thursday with blizzard conditions to come for many. Rain, snow, and strong winds will be the story tonight through Thursday, with chilly temperatures –– and even some snow –– lingering well into Friday across Northeast Colorado. The hourly planner for Denver shows the steady increase in showers (perhaps even some thundershowers later today!) expected through late today and tonight, with temperatures gradu
Morning Storm Update: Little Change to Going Forecast, Blizzard Warning Goes into Effect at Noon
A look at the radar this morning shows drizzle/mist across the greater Denver area as we saturate and cool the air in preparation for this afternoon's heavier rain and snow. Up near Fort Collins we've already seen some snow and mixed precipitation with a heavier pocket of showers pushing off the Front Range mountains: Overall we don't see much of a reason to change our forecast . We're still going
Snowfall Forecast
Evening Data Continues to Support a Wild Weather Day for Colorado Wednesday
No change this evening to our forecast issued earlier today . Everything looks on track to bring a round of wild weather to Northeast Colorado Wednesday, with wind, rain, thunder, hail, snow, whiteouts, and a solid 50+ degree temperature plunge from our (official) high of 78°F in the Mile High City today to tomorrow night. Latest analysis shows our storm system taking shape in the west, with a
Snowfall Forecast
Record Heat to Gives Way to Winter: Blizzard Warning Posted for Denver on Wednesday
A remarkably busy hazard map from the National Weather Service this morning as a strong storm takes aim at the High Plains Wednesday. Winter Storm Watches, Winter Storm Warnings, and Blizzard Warnings are plastered across Northern Colorado, Wyoming, Western Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota this morning in preparation for what will be a potent late-season snowstorm. Ahead of tomorrow's big change will be plenty of wind and warmth, and with that we see Red Flag Warnings in effect for Southeast C
Colorado Weather
Bomb Cyclone Delivers Wintry Wallop, Shuts Down Eastern Colorado
Yesterday's storm was ever bit as strong as advertised, delivering a wild assortment of weather to eastern Colorado on Wednesday. We set a new record low pressure for Colorado Wednesday morning as explosive cyclogensis took place over the Southeast Plains. A pressure of 969mb was recorded in Lamar, CO –– equivalent to one you'd find in a category 2 hurricane (the comparisons really end there). In a word: strong. In another word: incredible! My only complaint? Not enough snow at my house! 😉🤓😎
Denver Forecast
Explosive Cyclogenesis Achieved, Strong Winds and Heavy Snow for Northeast Colorado Today
With a 972mb(!!) low over Southeast Colorado this morning, and a more than 34mb pressure drop since the same time yesterday –– we've more than accomplished explosive cyclogenesis on the plains, especially given our latitude. An incredible map from the SPC this morning of our storm: It's right in the sweet spot for heavy precipitation across the northern urban corridor, and that's exactly what we've seen since early this morning. At our station we picked up 0.49" of rain before transitioning t
Snowfall Forecast
Major Storm a Major Snow Forecast Headache Along Urban Corridor, Blizzard Warning Issued
Snowfall is never a fun thing to predict along the Front Range. Each storm that moves through presents its own challenges –– whether it's a banded snowfall event like we've seen so many of this winter, or we're dealing with downslope concerns for communities immediately adjacent to the high Rocky Mountain peaks, or increasingly this time of year trying to manage temperature concerns as a matter of miles (feet in elevation) can mean the difference between heavy rain or heavy snow. This system ha
Winter Storm
Winter Storm Watch Posted as Blizzard Takes Aim at Northeast Colorado
Another consistent 24 hours from the modeling since our update yesterday , with a major winter storm set to bring strong winds and areas of heavy snow to Northeast Colorado by Wednesday, prompting a Winter Storm Watch to be posted by the National Weather Service. While apparently the NWS does not issue Blizzard Watches anymore –– let's be clear, that's exactly what this is. Much of eastern (especially nort
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, March 10, 2019, "Will It Storm?" Edition
Monday update: Winter Storm Watch posted -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are continuing to track a potent storm system set to bring heavy rain, wind, snow, and blizzard conditions to portions of eastern Colorado and the High Plains by midweek. In many ways, a remarkably consistent 24 hours in the modeling since your update
Denver Forecast
A Significant Storm Next Week for the Plains States, Details and Exact Track to Be Determined
Sunday evening update: The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, March 10, 2019, "Will It Storm?" Edition -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As we've been tracking for some time now on Weather5280 Insider , a potent March storm is set to move out of the Southwest United States this coming week, and intensify as it does so the leeward side of the Rockie
Denver Forecast
Monday PM Update: Wind and Snow on the Way
No big adjustments to the forecast issued yesterday . Changes are on the way later today in the form of strong winds, brief rain/mixing, snow, and blowing snow. Even in the scenarios we see lower end snowfall totals, the wind will be dramatic, and is likely to cause issues on the roadways tonight and early Tuesday. We may see some shower activity as early as 4 or 5pm today, but timing of the main band of snow to kick things off looks to
PM Update
Thursday PM Update: Warmth Today Replaced With Chilly, Unsettled Weather Friday
As we discussed in yesterday's Insider update , the first of several systems to impact our region over the next 10 - 15 days is moving into western Colorado this afternoon, and will bring cooler temperatures and a chance of rain and snow to eastern Colorado for your Friday. For the northern urban corridor this next system will mainly translate to wind today, then chilly temperatures with rain and snow showers on Friday. The greatest threa
Snowfall Totals
Mapped Snowfall Totals for March 23, 2016 Colorado Blizzard
Yesterday evening we shared some postmortem thoughts on our big time snow Wednesday, so check it out if you haven't already. This morning we crunched some numbers, and wanted to share with you all a few maps of the storm. Snowfall totals from 1 to 2 feet were common across the metro area, with areas northwest of Denver seeing some of the most impressive totals. In the city itself, totals from 14 - 18" were common, t
Snowfall Totals
The Great Snowzilla of 2016 Mapped: Snowfall Totals from DC to NYC
Affectionately named "Snowzilla" by the Capital Weather Gang in DC (see Godzilla Niño ), the great blizzard of 2016 came to an end last night across the east but not before dumping record snowfall across the mid-Atlantic over the last several days. Snowfall totals continue to come in, and they are tremendous. Totals from 20 to 30" across Washington DC are c
Friday Wrap: Broncos Forecast; East Coast Blizzard
As our weather warms up for the next day or so, the east coast is hunkering down as what surely will be a storm to remember for many years to come barrels in to the mid-Atlantic this afternoon. Related: The Glory Years for East Coast Snowstorms? The National Weather Service is forecasting 22 - 26" for Washington DC proper, with the northern/western suburbs likely to see more than 30" of snow from this system. We hope that if you hav
6 Tools to Visualize the Northeast Blizzard That Didn't Exist Last Time Around
It's been nearly five years since 20.9" of snow fell in New York City, landing it at #4 on the top snowfalls on record for the city. Over these five years a lot has changed in how we ingest weather forecasts and information, how this information is disseminated, and of course in how social media carries the weighty load of all things good and bad when a storm comes a-callin'. Weath
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, January 25, 2015
Blizzard warnings up from NYC to Boston We start tonight in the Northeast where a big storm is set to bring feet of snow to some locations from New York City to Boston by Tuesday. The National Weather Service in NYC has issued a Blizzard Warning which goes into effect 1pm Monday and continues through midnight Tu
One Hundred Year Anniversary of Denver's Snowiest Snowstorm
Every once in a while it snows a whole lot in Denver. And sometimes it snows even more than that. One hundred years ago next week was one of those times. Source: Denver Public LibraryBetween December 1 and 5, 1913, Denver received 45.7 inches of snow. Even after one hundred years, it remains Denver's largest single snowfall event. The next closest was the blizzard of 2003 when 31.8" of snow was recorded at Denver International Airport, nearly 14 fewer inches than in 1913. Denver was not the