A Flooding Disaster on the High Plains
Virtually the only hazards issued by the National Weather Service today across the contiguous United States are Flood Warnings. Nebraska and Iowa have been hit particularly hard by flooding following last week's "bomb cyclone ", a historic storm which delivered heavy snow and rain to the Plains States, following what has been a cold end to the winter for the region. Seven day precipitation anomalies show just how wet it's been for the heart of the country, with some of th
Colorado Weather
Bomb Cyclone Delivers Wintry Wallop, Shuts Down Eastern Colorado
Yesterday's storm was ever bit as strong as advertised, delivering a wild assortment of weather to eastern Colorado on Wednesday. We set a new record low pressure for Colorado Wednesday morning as explosive cyclogensis took place over the Southeast Plains. A pressure of 969mb was recorded in Lamar, CO –– equivalent to one you'd find in a category 2 hurricane (the comparisons really end there). In a word: strong. In another word: incredible! My only complaint? Not enough snow at my house! πŸ˜‰πŸ€“πŸ˜Ž
Denver Forecast
Explosive Cyclogenesis Achieved, Strong Winds and Heavy Snow for Northeast Colorado Today
With a 972mb(!!) low over Southeast Colorado this morning, and a more than 34mb pressure drop since the same time yesterday –– we've more than accomplished explosive cyclogenesis on the plains, especially given our latitude. An incredible map from the SPC this morning of our storm: It's right in the sweet spot for heavy precipitation across the northern urban corridor, and that's exactly what we've seen since early this morning. At our station we picked up 0.49" of rain before transitioning t
Snowfall Forecast
Major Storm a Major Snow Forecast Headache Along Urban Corridor, Blizzard Warning Issued
Snowfall is never a fun thing to predict along the Front Range. Each storm that moves through presents its own challenges –– whether it's a banded snowfall event like we've seen so many of this winter, or we're dealing with downslope concerns for communities immediately adjacent to the high Rocky Mountain peaks, or increasingly this time of year trying to manage temperature concerns as a matter of miles (feet in elevation) can mean the difference between heavy rain or heavy snow. This system ha