Denver Weather
First snow of the season in the books for Denver, ties second earliest on record
It's official, Denver picked up 1.0" of snow at DIA on Tuesday marking the first measurable snowfall in September since 2000, and the tying the second earliest snowfall on record, set first in 1962. Here is the almanac data for Tuesday, September 8th, 2020: First snowfall prediction contest comes to a close A record 43 of you picked September 8th as the first official snowfall in this year's Snowfall Prediction Contest [
Storm Update
Window for meaningful snow opens soon, record cold forecast tonight
Everything remains more or less on track, as cold air, rain, and snow have transformed our area from summer's smoky grip to a damp, wintry day. With over 0.5" of precipitation so far at DIA, this has become one of Denver's wettest days of the year , a strong tell of what kind of summer it's been! Temperatures in Denver have been in the low to mid 30s this afternoon, some 60°F cooler than our highs across the city yesterday. Looking
Denver Forecast
Evening data continues to point to low confidence snowfall forecast, high confidence in jarring temperature change
We thought we'd take a few minutes tonight to show some of the latest data as we wait for the cold air to arrive and eventual rain and snow. The first wave of cooler air moved through mid afternoon across Northern Colorado , with colder air starting to take hold at this hour. Overall we don't see much of a need to change from our forecast issued earlier today [
Denver Weather
Cold front begins its push through Colorado
It's been yet another remarkable day for weather across Northern Colorado. A quick update this afternoon on the progress of our system on the way, set to deliver wind, rain, snow, and cold temperatures to the state. The initial front came rushing across the Colorado/Wyoming border early this afternoon, you can see it dropping south and beginning to thin the smoke that has been parked over Fort Collins all da
Denver Forecast
Model inconsistencies remain with incoming snow, Winter Storm Watch posted for the Denver area
Although the cold air is on track and hasn't wavered, the snowfall projections are wildly changing in totals and locations due to models' struggles to consistently project the upper-air flow. For example, let's look at the European Ensemble forecast for the middle atmosphere for Wednesday morning. Let's compare this particular model suites projection from its Saturday morning run to its early Sunday run. Note that the middle atmosphere has a closed low in Sunday's update versus the open trough
It's been a long time since Denver's seen measurable snow in September
Snowfall in Denver has not been measured in any September since 2000, that's quite a snow drought for the month, which actually averages 1.0" of snow since record keeping began. However, it appears that some of us will be able to measure snowfall this Tuesday , whether or not the city "officially" measures any remains to be seen
Denver Snow
Early season snow could wreak havoc on Front Range trees, deliver first measurable snowfall to Denver in September in 20 years
We continue to track a potent early season (late summer?) wintry blast which is set to arrive in Northern Colorado Monday night, and bring with it record-breaking cold and the potential for the first accumulating snow event of the season to the Front Range and urban corridor. This post will focus on the snow potential and timing of this system. If you are looking for information around some of the temperature records Denver is set to break in the coming days, you can find more on that here [ht
A heavy snow event is not off the table, measuring the probabilities as winter in summer takes aim at Colorado
With each model run we keep expecting them to backoff their snowfall output. There's plenty that's eyebrow raising about what models are currently forecasting for Colorado in this upcoming week. Looking at 500mb temperatures, ground temperatures, speed and strength of the trough... A LOT would have to line up for the type of extreme weather event to take place this week that many operational weather models continue to predict. Currently much of the modeled snowfall maps are at odds with every ot
Denver Forecast
Record heat this weekend will be followed by a sharp cold front and the possibility of the season's first snow early next week
We hope everyone is ready for quite the weather rollercoaster over the next seven days, as temperatures will climb into the upper 90s this weekend along the urban corridor, only to crash into the 30s and 40s early next week. Temperatures For Denver, Cheyenne, and Colorado Springs, daily record highs are in jeopardy of being broken this weekend. GFS MOS guidances has a high of 98°F on Saturday and 103°F on Sunday before bottoming out at 36°F early Wednesday morning. We'll hedge a few degrees co
Denver Snow
First snow of the season for the high peaks of Colorado
With some recent snowfall on our highest peaks, let's take a look at Colorado's history when it comes to the start of our snow season. No, it wasn't much but this was the scene at Loveland Ski Area Tuesday morning, exciting to see after a long hot summer! Many other areas, Aspen and Telluride included, reported a frosting of snow also. Is this early for the season? No. It's actually over a week later than 2019 but the first dusting of snow is hardly consequential. Let's look at some dates
Denver Forecast
Finally a break from the heat, but how cool will it go?
We have one more hot afternoon to work through before we finally get a break from the 90s and record heat we've been experiencing much of this month. It's been an extremely hot and dry month across the region. Denver's average temperature for the month is running 5.4°F above the longterm average through the 26th. With an average temperature of 78.4°F this month, this would be the hottest August on record if it were to end today. The next couple of days will help knock back that average a littl
The relationship between drought and wildfires in Colorado
It had been a brutal summer. After a dreadful snowpack season, the heat and dryness came on quickly. The U.S. Drought Monitor showed the state with widespread D2 and D3 drought. Watering restrictions were put in place. And then the big fire started. The governor at the time famously told reporters that "it looks as if all of Colorado is burning today." I had recently graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology from Metro State University of Denver. I remember a day when the sun looked lik
More record heat to come
On Tuesday Denver hit 100 degrees for the first time this year , impressive for two reasons: it's the second latest 100-degree day on record for the city (the record was set just last year ), and comes in a summer that is challenging the record for number of 90-degree days. Denver has now hit 90-degrees or warmer 60 times t
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, August 16th, 2020
The state of the atmosphere is smoky. Since our update late last week conditions have only worsened across Colorado, with several new forest fires taking full advantage of ripe conditions and pouring smoke over the state day and night. According to the Denver Post [
Fire Weather
Fires across Western Colorado close interstates, force evacuations, and fill air with smoke along the Front Range
Dry conditions across the region are helping fuel two large fires across Western Colorado this week forcing I-70 to close near Glenwood Springs , and evacuation orders to be made as multiple fires burn out of control. The Grizzly Creek fire as of Wednesday evenin
Weather5280 Insider
August outlook includes little moisture
La Nina in the works doesn't help our chances of a wet August, and the state of the Northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans make the wet signal even weaker for the month. Brian Bledsoe laid the framework for our dry outlook in his La Nina update earlier this week . Let's dig into a few other correlations. For August, precipitation correlates most highly with PNA, SOI, and PDO ocean-atm
Severe Weather
Another severe weather day across Eastern Colorado, large hail possible
The last couple of severe weather days haven't panned out to produce all that many storms. The latest of which was on Sunday, where the strongest storms of the afternoon ended up southeast of Colorado Springs, with very little storm coverage (let alone anything severe) across the northern urban corridor. Today we once again see a heightened chance of storms to become severe across Eastern Colorado this afternoon and evening. The greatest risk for these storms to develop and become severe looks
Weather5280 Insider
La Niña update and potential analog year as we look ahead to fall
We will continue to update you on the progress of La Niña, because we think it is the single most important thing in our long range forecast. Granted, we still have a ways to go before the active hurricane season comes to an end, but the development of La Niña will likely have some pretty big ramifications. At the time of this article, here is a look at the sea surface temperature anomalies: cYou can see the “blue and green” shading off the west coast of South America, indicating cooler than
Weather5280 Insider
Forecast continues to show increased rain chances in the days ahead, but how long will it last?
There's a wet period, for a few days, approaching late this weekend through early next week. This looks especially true for portions of Southern Colorado, but could extend across Northeast Colorado as well depending on how things ultimately evolve. This rainier stretch, although likely a brief one, will be much needed. Let's look at the past two weeks of precipitation: Hmmm, doesn't that look ugly from a water standpoint?! Clearly, no 'monsoon' signal in the past two weeks with big deficits a
What's the North American Monsoon, and how does it impact Colorado?
The North American Monsoon (NAM) is a seasonal weather pattern that develops a persistent wind flow. The wind flow is specific and brings tropical moisture into Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and sometimes Texas. Using this image from the Boulder NWS office, note the high-pressure area over Texas (subtropical high) and the low-pressure area over/near the Baja (monsoon low). The corresponding wind flows with each feature pull in tropical moisture over the region (green colors repre
Weather5280 Insider
Updated monsoon outlook
We have talked at length about how we thought the monsoon would fail again this year, and wanted to update you on whether out thoughts have changed. The answer in short is no. While some areas have received some rain lately, it has been quite spotty overall, and not nearly enough to erase the ongoing drought for much of the area . Here is a look at precipitation anomalies over the last 90 days: You can
PM Update
Fourth of July Forecast
While drought development and intensification has been at the forefront of the forecast lately, we may get a little break from that this weekend. From the looks of things, we'll have some thunderstorm making fuel around this weekend. This looks to be especially true on Saturday. Before we address the rain potential, here is a look at the expected high temperatures for both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday High Temperatures Sunday High Temperatures Rain chances start to ramp up on Saturday aftern
Colorado Weather
A chance of rain Thursday will help knock back record heat and smoky skies
As we outlined for Insiders on Monday, we indeed saw record high temperatures across the region on Tuesday. Denver broke its previous record of 95°F by one degree on Tuesday as our early summer hot streak continues. As we've mentioned a couple times this week, changes arrive tomorrow. But not before another hot afternoon across the region today.
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, June 14th, 2020
Our concerns about a hot and dry summer have unfortunately been nothing short of reality through the first two weeks or so of June. To date, Denver is running 5.3°F above average for the month, and at 0.54" of precipitation is sporting a -0.4" precipitation deficit as well. As we outlined for our Pro clients this week, drought conditions continue to worsen across the region, with those areas of
Storm Update
The wind has returned, a chilly night with rain and snow to follow
Just a quick update this evening to reiterate the chilly night ahead. Lots of folks have been asking about their sensitive vegetation, what the wind is expected to do, and who may see snow. First, the wind. A High Wind Warning remains in effect for all of Eastern Colorado. Winds from 30 to 45 mph will be expected through much of the night, with gusts to 60 mph. A look at latest reports from across the region show sustained winds of 30 mph already up and down the urban corridor this evening: