Slip sliding away! Heaviest snow to skirt Colorado Springs, not much expected for the Denver area

This has been a tiresome one. A low confidence system, with at times seemingly high-end potential, continues to fade before it's even really started. As we discussed in our update yesterday best dynamics will stay well »

Snow potential down for Denver as bulk of action may miss south

The concern for snow potential in Denver all week has been a miss to the south. Overnight data moved that way nearly across the board, and with that we'll pull our numbers back a bit from »

Heavy snow blankets the high country, weekend snowfall forecast for Denver, Northeast Colorado

So far things are playing out as anticipated, with heavy mountain snow and winds in excess of 60mph making for quite a wintry day across the Colorado high country today. This evening roads are snowpacked, visibility »

Heavy snow for the Colorado Rockies this weekend, Winter Storm Watch posted for Colorado Springs

Before we talk about the snow potential for the weekend, we will have some strong wind to deal with on Friday. Wind gusts in the foothills will likely be 50 mph or better. Some of that »

Monday PM update: A mostly quiet work week, snow returns to the state this weekend

While we've tracked a few bands of snow today peeling off the mountains, the weather has for the most part been quiet east of the hills »

Wednesday PM update: Some rain and snow around by Thursday morning, worst of it stays in the mountains

As promised, quick update this evening on tomorrow's rain and snow chances. Snowfall totals still don't look huge –– temperatures will be borderline for snow, and very few of the models are showing much in the way »

Friday AM update: Scattered rain and snow showers today, gusty winds

Just a quick update this morning to mention the passing rain and snow showers we'll see today across eastern Colorado. This is part of a large system that is bringing heavy snow to the mountains today »