Heavy Rainfall to be Wednesday's Storm Threat
A little different variety of thunderstorms will push through the area Wednesday: heavy rainers. Tuesday evening still may see a storm, the strongest of which will be over the plains, but the storm impact Tuesday is lower than what is possible Wednesday. Wednesday morning starts with sunshine and quickly warming temperatures into the upper 70s. As clouds increase into the afternoon, thunderstorms will grow quickly. Into the later afternoon and early evening, the storms will be able to produce
Perspective on Colorado's Snowpack: Is There A Downward Trend?
Matt Makens is a KWGN Pinpoint Meteorologist and occasional contributor to Weather5280 from Denver's Pinpoint weather team. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's the time of year when we look at the snowpack numbers to climb, and hopefully stay near to above average for water resources, fire danger, and the economy; so far, so good. Here is the average snowpack chart for Colorado showing a nearly normal curve until th
Colorado's Snowfall so Far and Snowpack Update
We updated you on the Western U.S. snowpack last week. We have had a big system since, so let's see how things are now following the Groundhog Day Snow, focusing on Colorado and how much snow we've had this season. Colorado currently has more than the average water content in all of its river basins. The extreme southwest has the best average of 128% of average as of 4 February. This is a better water-situat
Fall Colors
Where and When to Find Fall Colors in Colorado
Colorado is an incredible place to see a dramatic change into fall and this year's season is upon us. Looking at the image above (via TWC), you'll see the average date that the colors start to appear based on elevation and location. As you can see, it's almost time to get out there and take some incredible Colorado images! Due to the recent cool weather, especially these nice cool nights, our leaf change is about 2-3 weeks ahead of normal schedule. Get out there in the coming days and weeks as