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Weekend outlook, plus some heat for early next week
The overall trend of warmer than average days with scattered storminess is to continue with a couple of outliers during the next week. This weekend will be warmer than average (average is mostly middle 70s) but we will see an uptick in the number of thunderstorms and therefore rainfall for later Saturday into Sunday. The hourly planner for Denver shows storm chances in the 30 and 40% range this weekend: With those storms, we'll see areas of decent precipitation across the state to end the mo
Storm Update
Saturday PM update: Latest on late weekend rain and snow
Not much change to the outlook today than what we've been discussing for several days now. A chilly and wet end to the weekend looks likely along much of the urban corridor and the northern Front Range mountains. You'll recall in our update last week , the Palmer Divide region has been some of the driest in the state compared to average thus for this month. The good news about th
Denver Forecast
Wet and, for some, a white late weekend still on track
Just wanted to update you all on the progress of our holiday weekend storm system. The following images show how much liquid and how much snow is expected from the different models. EURO Model GFS Model Canadian Model Obviously, the models have their own ideas on the finer details. However, they all agree on a chilly and wet storm system moving through most of the state from Sunday into Monday. Considering the precipitation deficit we are facing across the state, this is all obviously go
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Colder with rain and snow for Memorial Day Weekend
There's a system that will move through Sunday and Monday which will bring the state rain, snow, and a few days of chillier weather. We talked about this in last week's SOTA as a system to keep an eye on, and, while its impacts have been hit and miss in the modeling over the last days, consensus is growing that we'll have some wet weather to contend with over the holiday weekend. While perhaps not
PM Update
Wednesday PM update: scattered showers and storms to end the week
As we discussed in the State of the Atmosphere on Sunday, Thursday and Friday will feature a better chance for showers and storms across Eastern Colorado after a largely dry and beautifully mild midweek across the region. The heavier rainfall will be hit and miss, meaning many of us won't necessarily pick up appreciable rainfall between Thursday and Saturday. That said, the chance for rain creeps int
Forecast Update
Is a boom snowfall for Denver on the table? A look a the latest data
There's been a lot of excitement (good and bad) around some of the GFS modeled snowfall forecasts with the snow event tonight and tomorrow. While its been producing some impressive totals for not just Boulder and Fort Collins but the entire metro Denver area... just how likely is this to occur? For reference, below is its 18z forecast. It has 10 - 14" across the Denver area, with upwards of 15" for Boulder, and an east to west 8 - 12" up around Fort Collins: Crazy, right? MOST other data cont
Snowfall Forecast
Ready for more snow? Snowfall forecast totals as next storm arrives tonight to Northeast Colorado
Another round of snow for the region is quickly approaching. We still see some pretty notable differences in the data as to how much snow we can expect, but general consensus is for another accumulating snow event for the Front Range foothills and adjacent plains. The latest HRRR shows snow on the increase across the northern and central mountains this afternoon, with some rain and snow showers spilling onto the northern urban corridor by late afternoon: By 9pm this model has widespread snow f
Snowfall Forecast
Another snow on the way Thursday: Tuesday PM update
We continue to watch yet another snow on the way for Thursday, the latest in a series of impulses to bring snow to the region. The next system appears to have potential to bring quite a bit more snowfall for some, perhaps mimicking the last system with some of its totals. The foothills west and northwest of Denver are likely to see the greatest snowfall totals from this system, barring any changes between now and Thursday. Here is a look at the snowfall totals from the last (if you need a spec
Snowfall Totals
Monday PM update: Impressive snow totals for some so far, more on the way
More snow is in the forecast even as some areas have already seen more than their fair share. As we opined on Saturday, "the Boulder area the most likely to "feel" like a good storm from this one" and I'd say this morning that this was an understatement –– some parts of Boulder county are approaching 20" of snow as of midday Monday. While others haven't seen much accumulate, even parts of the Denver area have done quite well. Our station, located in Denver West has picked up nearly 7" of snow
Snowfall Forecast
Saturday PM update: Quick update on the cold and snow, a big change on the way!
A quick post this afternoon as we want to get out and enjoy the warm weather while we can as well. Not a whole lot of change to the general idea we've been discussing for some days now: much colder weather is on the way to end the weekend, and off and on snow is in the forecast Sunday through Tuesday. We'll see a pretty good chance of snow across the northern Front Range Sunday morning, with scatter snow showers and gusty winds sticking with us into Sunday night. A secondary wave of more organi
Weekend Outlook
Weekend outlook: The cold returns by Sunday, a chance of snow as well
We hope everyone is enjoying this stretch of beautiful spring weather. We have one more pleasant afternoon to go before sharp changes arrive for the latter half of the weekend. If you have plans for a back yard Easter egg hunt, you may want to consider moving it to Saturday, as Sunday will be quite chilly with areas of snow across much of Northeast and East-Central Colorado. The outlook shows just how big a crash in temperatures we're anticipating over the coming days. From the low 70s today, t
PM Update
Wednesday PM update: showers in the forecast to end the week, bigger changes by late weekend
Our mild weather will hold for a few more days ahead of some bigger changes in store for the latter half of the weekend. While mild, we'll also see an uptick in showers across Eastern Colorado to end the week. A look at the outlook for Denver shows about a 20 to 30% chance of showers Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with highs cooling into the 50s on Thursday but warming into the upper 60s again by Friday. You'll note in the five-day the much colder air that's in the pipeline for Sunday. We tal
Denver Forecast
A chilly end to the week, some rain and snow for Denver, Eastern Colorado
This morning we talked about all the nice weather we have to look forward to in the coming weeks. Tonight we talk about changes to that nice weather, as a cold front and some rain and snow will quickly erase what was a very mild start to April today. While perhaps not a huge storm by April's standards , the changes
Snowfall Forecast
Friday AM update: Snow will be heavy for some, a miss for others
We continue to track rain and snow chances as the day progresses and into the overnight hours tonight. Snow is already falling across the northern Front Range mountains, and this activity will slowly expand across the urban corridor and Northeast Plains through the afternoon hours. While many of us likely won't see all that much snow, a period of at least briefly heavy snowfall will be possible this evening along the urban corridor. For areas south and southeast of Denver a more impactful event
Snowfall Forecast
Friday's rain and snow chance, Thursday PM update
We continue to track the chance for rain and snow Friday, especially late in the day, through Saturday. Although the total impact will be hit and miss, some areas will have enough snow to bring some slush and snow to roadways –– albeit a low impact considering so many of us shelter in place. Let's watch the system from Thursday evening through Saturday evening. That L, center of lowest pressure, develops over the eastern plains and then gains strength as it pushes northeast toward Des Moines.
Denver Forecast
End of week storm will bring another round of rain and snow to Colorado
After another mild afternoon Thursday, a cool down and a chance of rain and snow return to the forecast for Northeast Colorado to end the week. While at the moment it doesn't look like it'll deliver nearly as much snow to most areas as last week's storm, it's not to be completely written off just yet either. Most guidance has the heaviest precipitation well east of the urban corridor, with perhaps some sneaky snowfall across the Front Range foothills and Palmer Divide on Friday and Friday nigh
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall totals as flurries continue today, rain and snow showers possible Saturday
Yesterday's storm has departed, leaving in its wake a blanket of snow across the Front Range and eastern plains. While we continue to see those chilly temperatures and pockets of snow/flurries this afternoon, the appreciable snowfall is over. Another coating to 1" will be possible for those that see these showers, but otherwise just a cold start to spring across Northeast Colorado. At our place, we picked up 5.75" of snow, right within our low-end 5 - 10" range forecast issued for west Denver.
Forecast Update
Winter Storm and Blizzard Warnings issued for Northeast Colorado ahead of Thursday snow
For the Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins corridor a Winter Storm Warning goes into effect Thursday morning and remains in effect through Thursday night. For Castle Rock, and most of the Northeast Colorado Plains, a Blizzard Warning is in effect for the same period. This is not to say the Denver area won't see wind –– but the strongest sustained winds will likely be east of I-25 and across the Palmer Divide. Still, even for the Front Range urban corridor, the heavy snow and gusty winds will reduce vi
Snowfall Forecast
Snow, heavy at times, on Thursday for Denver and Front Range
We continue to track the arrival of a strong storm system late tonight to impact your day Thursday with blizzard conditions to come for many. Rain, snow, and strong winds will be the story tonight through Thursday, with chilly temperatures –– and even some snow –– lingering well into Friday across Northeast Colorado. The hourly planner for Denver shows the steady increase in showers (perhaps even some thundershowers later today!) expected through late today and tonight, with temperatures gradu
Denver Forecast
Winter Storm Watch posted for Northeast Colorado: Forecast update
We continue to track a weather maker due to impact our weather Wednesday evening through Thursday night. It's likely that we'll see both rain and snow with this event, along with gusty winds and reduced visibility at times across Northeast and East-Central Colorado. In anticipation of rain changing to snow on Thursday, the National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Northeast Colorado, where several inches will be possible –– especially at elevations west of I-25, and across th
Winter Storm
Winter storm will bring rain and snow to portions of Colorado Wednesday night through Thursday
While some of us will see fog and drizzle overnight tonight and Tuesday, we continue to track a larger storm system due to arrive for the latter half of the workweek. Data do not show a tremendous amount of change from how things looked yesterday. Models continue to track the system more north than south, putting the Palmer Divide, northern urban corridor, and far northern Plains under the heaviest
Snowfall Forecast
Thursday AM update: Rain and snow across much of Colorado on Friday, won't amount to much for the Denver area
As we've discussed both in our SOTA this week and midweek Insider update , tomorrow brings our next chance of rain and snow to the state, with some slushy accumulation possible for some across Eastern Colorado. While it does look like we'll see snow on Friday (perhaps some rain too) in Denver, the chance it accumulates looks low. Tonight some freezing drizzle could work to put some ice down on raised surfaces for your morning commu
Denver Forecast
Weekend update: Mountain snow and some rain for the plains on Sunday
A system moves through Sunday to bring some rain and snow to the state after a very mild and dry Saturday across the region. This is not expected to be a hugely impactful storm anywhere across the state, though winter travel conditions should be expected at times across the high country (especially the passes) on Sunday, and spotty thunderstorms across the Plains will also be possible. The animation below shows the rain and snow dropping out of the Northern Rockies tonight, then sliding across
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall totals as storm departs, and warming up for the remainder of the week!
The biggest issue with yesterday's forecast is the band of heaviest snowfall ended up about 30 miles south of where we thought the highest probability of its occurrence would be. Otherwise, things went about as expected –– timing and totals were spot on. The heaviest snow band was indeed able to produce totals of 4 - 7" as we expected it would, it just ended up over the south side of the Palmer Divide and Colorado Springs metro area instead of up north. Where we didn't see the more persistent h
Snowfall Forecast
Winter storm update: timing on track, boom and bust potential in latest data
Our must trusted models have backed off snowfall potential this evening for Northeast Colorado, even as many of the high-resolution models continue to show pockets of "boom" snowfall totals across the urban corridor. Look: Denver's Top Five March Snowstorms The NAM has consistently shown the potential for some banded snowfall this evening. We continue to think it's likely overdone on that potential... but should t