Season's First Measurable Snow for Denver Means Has Contest Come to a Close
For the third year in a row, Denver's first measurable snow has come before the median first date of Denver's first snow, October 18th. Denver officially recorded 1.0" of snow with Thursday's storm, though much of the metro area saw more than this . This year, there were 33 contestants that guessed the correct date –– many of those entries coming as the storm began to look more sure (the contest didn't close unti
Heavy Rainfall to be Wednesday's Storm Threat
A little different variety of thunderstorms will push through the area Wednesday: heavy rainers. Tuesday evening still may see a storm, the strongest of which will be over the plains, but the storm impact Tuesday is lower than what is possible Wednesday. Wednesday morning starts with sunshine and quickly warming temperatures into the upper 70s. As clouds increase into the afternoon, thunderstorms will grow quickly. Into the later afternoon and early evening, the storms will be able to produce
Snow Overnight, Heavy At Times: Monday PM Update
Snow, heavy at times, is possible overnight through Tuesday morning for the metro areas and in the mountains along with thunderstorms on the plains. We discussed the current storm system in yesterday's SOTA, so let's get into the details of the snowfall and rainfall potential now. These late season storms are tricky regarding snowFALL versus snow ACCUMULATION. We believe some areas will have quite a bit of snowfall, including a swath to cover the eastern plains from Limon to Sterling, but how
Rockies Bring Great Weather Home, Leave Before A Big Change
Today is the Rockies home opener and with it comes some great early baseball season weather. Last year's home opener was a cold, raw day with rain and snow and temperatures below freezing. This year, a thing of beauty with temperatures in the upper 60s and only a slight chance of a thunderstorm. This will be the case for the entire home-opening series against the Dodgers and the first two of three with
Sixth Annual First Snowfall Prediction Contest Starts Today!
Although chilly today , it seems like every year we kick this off we're coming fresh out of a record-setting heat wave with snow snowhere on the mind. But before we miss the opportunity, and with October just a few short days away... today we kick off the SIXTH annual First Measurable Snowfall Prediction Contest ! It will be open for two weeks, closing the night of October 12th (provided we don't get sno
Cooler Air to Hit This Weekend Along With Snow & Rain For A Few
We are clearly in the midst of a very warm stretch of days. With highs in the middle and upper 70s, Monday through Friday of this week is much warmer than the seasonal average of middle 60s. We have been part of a ridge of high pressure affecting the SW US and that pattern returns after a very brief hiatus this weekend. As of late Wednesday, colder temperatures were collecting in western Canada. This, part of a developing storm system creating some showers for western Washington and Oregon. Wat
Weather Stats
Powderful Statistics: Exploring Denver's Snowy Side
I recently wrote about the lack of September snowfalls in Denver since 2000. A couple of things became clear shortly after publishing: 1) Weather5280 readers love their snow (but we already knew this), and 2) snowfall stats are fun to explore, debate, and discuss. So, let's take it a bit of a deeper dive today, and dig into Denver's snowfall history, trends, and other fun snowy stats. Seasonal snowfall averages and trends First, here's a c
Denver's Top 15 May Snowstorms
On average, Denver receives 1.7 inches of snow during the month of May. The following chart contains the top 15 May snowstorms for Denver via the National Weather Service in Boulder. None on the list occurred in the last decade, with the last time Denver received more than 4 inches of snow from a May storm coming in 2001. Where do you think this storm will rank on the list, or do you think it will?