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Drought update & the outlook: Friday, May 29th, 2020
The latest drought monitor continues to show the ongoing issues for the Four Corners region, namely Colorado, and the continued Extreme Drought for the Western US. For Colorado, the good news is that Memorial Day/Weekend rainfall kept the Extreme Drought coverage area from expanding...for now. Let's check the recent conditions via The National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Summary "During the past week, widespread rain and thunderstorms fell across parts of the G
Rainfall Totals
A wonderful soaking rain for much of East-Central Colorado
Sunday's system delivered some much needed moisture to many of us across the region, but left crucial regions of the state high and dry. Denver officially picked up 0.94" of rain on Sunday, bringing the month-to-date total to 1.56", just 0.05" shy of average for the month. At nearly 1", the airport was fairly representative to what most locations saw across the greater metro area and immediate surrounding areas. Some folks reported a bit more than an inch, others a bit less, but a good soaking
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It's been a dry month for most of Colorado, with little relief in sight
May is one of the wettest climatologically for Colorado, yet thus far this May has been mostly dry and there's little change to that outlook as we end the month. As you can see below, the month so far has been quite dry everywhere except where we saw the heavier rainfall to end last week across the far Northeast Plains, and portions of the north-central mountains. Here is May's precipitation departure from average: Denver has received 1.26 inches through the 18th, which is 0.64 inches drier t
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La Niña development update
A couple months ago, we were telling you that there was potential for a La Niña episode, before the year was done . While we were pretty sure about some of the signals, ENSO forecasting this time of year is always tough. Models struggle in the spring, and this is affectionately called the "spring predictability barrier". We've seen ENSO events show up in the modeling only to disappear as we enter into summer. Howe
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Drought update & the outlook: Saturday, May 9th, 2020
The latest drought monitor continues to show the ongoing issues for the Four Corners region and the continued Extreme Drought in parts of Colorado, California, Oregon, and Texas. Let's check the recent conditions via The National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Summary "A strong cold front progressed southeast across the Great Plains, Mississippi Valley, and Southeast on April 28 and 29. This cold front was a focus for a severe weather outbreak from Oklahoma and e
Drought expands across southern Colorado
For many of us in the state, this winter has been quite snowy. For a lot of mountain areas, it’s been a good snowpack year. So it might be surprising to know that some areas of our state are in increasingly severe drought. As of April 28, 32% of Colorado is experiencing severe drought (D2) conditions. How did we get here? One year ago in May, the U.S. Drought Monitor depicted a blank map for Colorado .
Throw Monsoon into the Polar Vortex and Bomb Cyclone Club
Matt Makens is a meteorologist on the Pinpoint Weather Team. He has nightly forecasts on Colorado's Own Channel 2. In the ranks of misused and overused weather terms, we have Polar Vortex and Bomb Cyclone , and seemingly we need to add Monsoon to this group. Let's discuss the monsoon in context of mostly Colorado's point of view. What is the monsoon? In our case, the North American Monsoon (NAM) is a seasona
Colorado 99.99% Free of Any Drought Monitor Classification, Marking Highest Percentage Since 2001
A truly remarkable Drought Monitor map published today showing what a historically wet winter (and now spring) across the CONUS can do for persistent drought conditions. Over the last 180 days most of the U.S. has seen above average precipitation. The map below shows accumulated precipitation as a percent of average from
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Drought Update & Outlook: Monday, February 25th, 2019
The latest drought monitor continues to show the ongoing issues for the Four Corners region. However, the trend has been a positive one with great improvements made in the recent wetter pattern. Frequent snowfall events have improved the conditions since we began the year. Let's check the recent conditions via The National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Summary "Powerful, late-winter storms crossed the country, delivering periods of heavy precipitation in much of
January To End Quite Snowy for Some, A Check on Mountain Snowpack
While there's still a couple more days in the month, weather statewide to end the week looks mostly of the quiet variety. We could have some wind to contend with on Thursday, but no snow or rain in the forecast for the urban corridor (or really much of the state for that matter) through Friday. Officially, Denver saw just about average snowfall for the month of January with Denver International Airport recording 6.2" of snow with a long term average for the month of 6.6". Incredibly, this marks
Hurricane Rosa
If you are a Weather5280 Insider you know we've had our eye on the Eastern Pacific for months now in anticipation for it to not only get active late in the season, but perhaps deliver some much needed moisture to the parched southwest as well. As we close out September and head into October this will hold our focus, as several tropical storms are forecast to impact first the southwest United States, and eventually areas north into Utah and Colorado and beyond. Hurricane Rosa, forec
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, July 22, 2018
This past week featured plenty of heat across the region, with temperatures running well above average across the state over the last seven days: The moisture continues to push, too, though the battle against the drought is not an easy one. If we look at precipitation totals over the last seven days we see the presence of the monsoon continue across the southwest –– with some of that moisture making its way into southern and eastern Colorado. At our station, we recorded 0.76" over the last we
Denver Forecast
More Heat
The heat returns today to eastern Colorado, with highs climbing back into the mid to upper 90s for your Wednesday and Thursday. In fact, NAM MOS guidance has Denver topping out at 100°F on Thursday, which would be just shy of the record high for the date of 101°F set in 2005, and would tie the second place record high reached both in 2012 and 2006. It's been a hot summer... Through July 17 Denver has seen more 90+ degree days this year (33) than any other year on record. 2012 is a close second
High fire danger holds on to end week, but rain on the way?
As we've discussed several times in recent weeks, we're tracking a shift in the pattern as we head into the middle and latter half of the month. Guidance continues to suggest this to be true – even as fire danger remains quite high across the region through the end of the week. Day 1 fire outlook: Day 2 fire outlook: Temperatures will end the week quite warm. Look for highs in the mid 90s to near 100 degrees across the plains states on Thursday before cooling gradually works its way in for
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, December 11, 2017
The state of the atmosphere remains alarmingly quiet across the west this week. High pressure will continue to dominate our weather, as the cold and snow remains a locked up in the east for another week. The latest hazard map shows only Red Flag and High Wind Warnings across the western two thirds of the country today, with winter weather highlights in effect for the Great Lakes and up into New England. One shouldn't expect to see much change over the coming week, with only a little moisture
Near-Record Heat for the Weekend as Drought Conditions Worsen
Any time the Drought Monitor shows drought conditions across eastern Colorado there's reason for concern. Anyone who's spent any amount of time in the state knows we are never too far removed from drought – which is why the most recent report (somewhat unsurprisingly after recent weeks) is not great news for those living across eastern Colorado. We've seen an increase in all categories across the state, with D2 classification (or Severe Drought) conditions continuing to spread along the I-25
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, March 5, 2017
Meteorological winter came to an end in unremarkable fashion this last week. And, while the calendar says there are still two more weeks of winter... another day of warm temperatures and high fire danger across the plains may have you thinking otherwise. March is Denver's snowiest month , with the city recording 11.4" of snow on average between 1882 and 2015. It can also be a very warm month as we begin our transition from the cold months of
Western Ridge
Warm and Dry Days Return as Ridge Builds Once More
It sure is nice to see the first cold fronts of fall. Those crisp mornings and mild afternoons, make for a fantastic time to get outside. I for one would like to keep them coming, but beyond this latest cool down, it looks like our weather will be predominantly warm and dry for awhile. Thankfully, many areas along the northern Front Range saw some rain on Thursday morning – but as you can see, much of the state remained dry: As we head into the weekend and next week we dry out and warm up aga
Weather Stats
Rainfall Deficit Climbing for Denver
For many of us, summer conditions have dried us out greatly. Denver is now over 2" drier than average this summer, and nearly 1" drier than average for the year. This is not only the case for Denver but much of Colorado. Coming into summer there was a nice moisture surplus thanks to our heavy snowfalls to end winter and this spring. Here is the spring-time moisture across the country (we will focus on Colorado and Denver for the purpose of this post). Three of the five climate divisions of th
Western Update
Western Snowpack Update January, 2016
As we near the end of January it seems prudent to take stock of how we're doing with snowpack in the west this super El Niño year . The answer is, much better than last year, but more rain and snow is needed to overcome persistent drought conditions across much of the western United States. To begin, here's a look at the latest drought monitor from the third week of January. For our Colorado friends, things continue to look good across the state. A few areas of "Abnormally Dry" s
Long-range forecast
Subtle Differences to Previous El Niños Key to Winter Forecast, And Why the PDO Matters
There are a lot of comparisons to the El Niño of 1997 taking place right now, and while certainly an analog to this year, there are some differences to keep an eye on before jumping head-first into the repeat boat. Each El Niño is its own animal. When looking at analog years, it's important to remember that what's happening in Niño regions isn't the only factor to weigh. It's important to also consider things like: where the Niño is occurring within the greater long-term cycle; is it in its fir
Colorado Weather
Less Than 3% of State Abnormally Dry as Colorado Goes Drought-Free
>95% of Colorado drought-free for first time in six years Pop the champagne! With 97.96% of the state now considered under no drought classification, we'll go ahead and round-up and say Colorado is drought-free. This marks the first time in nearly six years that the more than 95% of the state is classified as experiencing no drought conditions, with August of 2009 being the last time this was true. Below is a look at the road to drought recovery from March 2013 through July 14, 2015. Today only
Colorado Weather
Denver's Precipitation Well Above Normal; Latest on Colorado Drought
Month-to-date precipitation totals across Colorado are impressive, particularly across eastern Colorado. May normally sees about 2.12" of precipitation in Denver making it the city's wettest month on average . Through the first 20 days of the month this year DIA has recorded 3.37" of precipitation, which is actually less than much of the metro area which has seen between 4 - 6" of precipitation this month. Surrou
Texas Drought Continues to Improve as State Faces Flooding Rains
The latest Drought Monitor was release today, and not surprisingly, drought improvements continue across the south-central United States. While there's still work to do, the state has seen huge improvements over the last 12 months, and more help is on the way. Last May, 91.18% of Texas as Abnormally Dry or worse according to the U.S. Drought Monitor . One year later that number has dropped to 35.58%, down from 40.32% a week ago. In the Extreme and Exceptional
Colorado Weather
Fire Weather Threat for Tuesday
A Fire Weather Watch is in effect for the plains and some of the Front Range Tuesday. This time, this is due to strong winds and low relative humidity expected statewide. Despite the wind being a statewide issue, the fire danger is highest on the plains. This is due to its lack of snow cover, warm temperatures, and low humidity. The mountains still have a lot of snow cover so that prevents their fire threat, for now. March has been a warm and dry month. The month's temperatures are averaging