The Great Snowzilla of 2016 Mapped: Snowfall Totals from DC to NYC

Affectionately named "Snowzilla" by the Capital Weather Gang in DC (see Godzilla NiƱo), the great blizzard of 2016 came to an end last night across the »

Friday Wrap: Broncos Forecast; East Coast Blizzard

As our weather warms up for the next day or so, the east coast is hunkering down as what surely will be a storm to remember for many years to come barrels in to the mid-Atlantic »

The Glory Years for East Coast Snowstorms?

If you're keeping score at home (and of course we're not) it may seem like the northeast has been hit with more than their fair share of major winter storms in recent years. Going back to »

Visualizing That Big Storm Off the East Coast

It seems like with each new storm comes a new way to visualize that storm. Today a monster Nor'Easter is cranking off the New England coast, »