No Two El Niños Are Alike; Cooling Waters and Precipitation Trends

Ah El Niño, the winter is closing in on you my so-often misrepresented phenomena. All those media headlines promising that you'll do this, that, and the »

Long-Range Forecast Update: Quiet Pattern Sets in; Wet Spring Ahead?

Let the great meltdown begin! After a great snowstorm this past week, many folks are wanting some warmer weather. Well, if you are one of those »

Updated JAMSTEC Model and Beyond El Niño

JAMSTEC Update It has been a while since we have chatted about the JAMSTEC model and its forecast for the next several months. There is a »

Winter Forecast Update: Analogs and Models

I am not going to spend much time on the main drivers with this update. We have talked about them at length in previous posts, and I think you pretty much know what they are. We've »

Current El Niño Remains 2nd Strongest, but Differs From Previous Events

As of September, El Niño remained as the second strongest recorded since 1950. The strongest September El Niño occurred in 1997. In the grand scheme of »

Monsoon Fail and a Look at October

Before we move into October, here is a thought on the late summer: I have to admit that there were a lot of things I thought »

Data and Knowledge, the Key to Changing Public 'Opinion'

I was ready to hit publish on one post with the aim of beginning work on another. I quickly realized that perhaps the two were connected, »