El Niño Update and CPC Constructed Analog Forecast

It's time for an update on our long-range outlook which now takes us through winter and on into spring. We'll tackle our thoughts around this upcoming »

"Today in Stupid El Niño Headlines"

Full credit for this post goes to Matt Lanza (@mattlanza) as he has put all the blood, sweat, and (mostly) tears into gathering these "Stupid El Niño Headlines". All we've done is gone ahead and put »

A Closer look at What El Niño Means for Rain and Snow in Colorado

There has been a great deal of interest in El Niño recently, following multiple authoritative statements that it is on track to be "a significant event". This conjures up memories of 1997, which was a significant »

Subtle Differences to Previous El Niños Key to Winter Forecast, And Why the PDO Matters

There are a lot of comparisons to the El Niño of 1997 taking place right now, and while certainly an analog to this year, there are some differences to keep an eye on before jumping head-first »

The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, July 12, 2015

July has picked up right where May and June left off, with continued good precipitation for the state. Through the first eleven days of the month, »

El Niño Continues to Strengthen; Stage Set for Active Monsoon

Summer Forecast Update For the past several months we've been calling for the pattern to stay wet and generally cooler than normal for the foreseeable future. »

Forecast Update on Evolving El Niño and what it Means for Colorado and the West

The evolving El Niño that is going on in the Pacific Ocean has been quite impressive to watch. While we’ve been dealing with a couple »