Forecast Update
Is a boom snowfall for Denver on the table? A look a the latest data
There's been a lot of excitement (good and bad) around some of the GFS modeled snowfall forecasts with the snow event tonight and tomorrow. While its been producing some impressive totals for not just Boulder and Fort Collins but the entire metro Denver area... just how likely is this to occur? For reference, below is its 18z forecast. It has 10 - 14" across the Denver area, with upwards of 15" for Boulder, and an east to west 8 - 12" up around Fort Collins: Crazy, right? MOST other data cont
Forecast Update
Winter Storm and Blizzard Warnings issued for Northeast Colorado ahead of Thursday snow
For the Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins corridor a Winter Storm Warning goes into effect Thursday morning and remains in effect through Thursday night. For Castle Rock, and most of the Northeast Colorado Plains, a Blizzard Warning is in effect for the same period. This is not to say the Denver area won't see wind –– but the strongest sustained winds will likely be east of I-25 and across the Palmer Divide. Still, even for the Front Range urban corridor, the heavy snow and gusty winds will reduce vi
Colorado Weather
Snow falling across Eastern Colorado, but marginal temperatures and February sun to dampen impacts
Everything's running about on schedule this morning as our upper level low begins its trek east across Southern Colorado, and our surface low establishes itself across Southeast Colorado through the afternoon. A look at radar this morning shows moisture pushing into East-Central and Northeast Colorado, with pockets of heavy snow across the Colorado Springs region, Palmer Divide, and greater Denver metro area. The bright greens in the animation below indicate the heaver precipitation rates. T
Denver Forecast
Not over yet, heavy snow continues for the mountains, off and on snow for the urban corridor through the afternoon
So far this system has played out just as expected –– delivering another good helping of snow for some, and largely skipping others altogether. The heaviest snowfall last night setup south of where many models had it. How many times did we reiterate the fact that the placement of that heavy snow was likely to change, and we wouldn't know for sure until it developed. We've been very forward about the uncertainty around this forecast, but hopefully conveyed the potential this setup had as well.
Denver Forecast
Another round of snow showers possible on Thursday before a warm weekend
A very quick update this evening to first say "hooray!" as a nice round of snow showers have moved across the urban corridor this evening, bringing the first flakes of the year to some locales –– and some enormous ones at that! As of 8:15 the heaviest showers have pushed into Southeast Denver, and will continue to track southeast over the next hour or two before dissipating for the night: Another wave moves through on Thursday and with it perhaps a few more snow showers as well. The European
Forecast Update
Saturday snow could boom or bust
These systems that swing out of the deep Southwest and swing sharply north/northeast are not a lot of fun to pin down across Eastern Colorado. The tendency is for models to overdo snowfall –– we saw that today across the far Eastern Plains. They will very often accelerate as they turn north and leave us with very little snow, despite the anticipation. That said, often is not always, and sometimes they can deliver. Data today has been about as all over the place you'll ever see, even for aroun
Denver Forecast
Friday AM update: snow showers on the increase through this afternoon
Not too much change to discuss this morning from our update yesterday . Still tracking the chance of rain and show across Eastern Colorado from about midday today through Saturday evening. We are also still dealing with a huge amount of inconsistency in the data, so plenty of surprises are still possible with this one I suppose. Overall, the numbers we discussed in yesterday's post still look good. For
Forecast Update
Slip sliding away! Heaviest snow to skirt Colorado Springs, not much expected for the Denver area
This has been a tiresome one. A low confidence system, with at times seemingly high-end potential, continues to fade before it's even really started. As we discussed in our update yesterday best dynamics will stay well south of the Denver area, and with that only light accumulation (if any at all) is expected across the metro area through Monday. Colorado Springs remains under an advisory, but it too will be at the northern edge of heaviest snow it seems. Models keep pushing back start times an
Denver Snow
Top 10 Event Clears, Freeze Warnings Tonight
A top 10 latest snowfall event is wrapping up as the storm system clears the state after leaving nearly two feet of snow on parts of the Palmer Divide. For Denver, 3.4 inches puts the late season snow on the top 10 list for biggest this late in the season. The largest late-season event was in 1950 when a two-day total on the 26th and 27th came in at over 10 inches. Compare this to the over 19 inch total from Black Forest and over 13 inch total from Monument (most in 24 hours since 2006 and 201
Forecast Update
Tuesday Morning Update: Today's Snow Chance
Since last night's update , I see no reason to change the going forecast. Enough energy had arrived this morning for some snow to form in the expected area of the Palmer Ridge, and also on the Northeastern Plains: This area will continue and then will be replaced by the stronger snow band this afternoon, also as discussed last night. This snowband will impact some of us from between noon and 6pm - more sp