Snow possible Thursday for Denver metro area and urban corridor, likely in the high country
There's a system that will bring snow to the mountains Wednesday into Thursday and some of that snow will try to peel off the high country to cover parts of the urban corridor Thursday morning. This event isn't likely to bring an impact to all areas but has a higher potential impact in the mountains and the foothills to the west and south of Denver. With any banded snowfall event, the exact placement of higher totals will be determined close to the event - should it occur. We see the potential
Heavy Rainfall to be Wednesday's Storm Threat
A little different variety of thunderstorms will push through the area Wednesday: heavy rainers. Tuesday evening still may see a storm, the strongest of which will be over the plains, but the storm impact Tuesday is lower than what is possible Wednesday. Wednesday morning starts with sunshine and quickly warming temperatures into the upper 70s. As clouds increase into the afternoon, thunderstorms will grow quickly. Into the later afternoon and early evening, the storms will be able to produce
Denver Weather
Weekend Preview, Severe Weather Chance
As we head into the first weekend of June, we should be mindful of the severe weather chances that cover both days. As you've noticed, temperatures have warmed the past few days, and Denver has returned to the 70s which last this weekend. The warmth is despite a cold front, a weak one, to move through Saturday that will act as a focal point for some thunderstorms throughout the weekend. Saturday Cold front grazes the area and will trigger and steer a few thunderstorms from midday through the