General Update
A new look!
Good morning Weather5280 readers! We are excited to unveil our new site today, a long overdue refresh to the site, and behind the scenes a complete rewrite of everything from our APIs that serve some of our weather feeds, to how we handle authentication and user management for Insiders and Insider Pros , to how we manage publishing content with Ghost publishing content manager. It is our hope that these changes will smooth out some iss
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The weather across our region is fascinating –– support our efforts to better understand it by becoming a Weather5280 Insider . Insiders help support Weather5280, and allow us to continue to grow the content and services you've come to rely on over the years. People everywhere love to say "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" but we know that nowhere is that more true than along Colorado's Front Range and the Western High Plains. Today is a beautiful example of just that
General Update
Become a Weather5280 Insider
Summer has always been a quieter time for us at Weather5280. This season has certainly been no different. Aided by an overwhelmingly hot and dry summer and the addition of two little ones into our Weather5280 family , it feels like we've been away from you all for too long. That changes today. While updates have been few and far between in recent weeks, we've been hard at work behind the scenes working to implement new features and more conte
General Update
The Weather5280 Family is Growing!
Ok, sort of. Some of you have probably noticed things have been quieter around here in recent days. There are many reasons for this, of course. It's quite typical for us to have a brief slow down in content as we come out of winter – really our busiest season here on the site – to not only catch our breath a bit, but also the weather will itself often requires fewer long nights of analysis as we head into a more typical warm season pattern: beautiful days, sunny skies, with nearly daily storm c
Mark Your Calendars: Weather5280 Meet Up February 26, 2015!
Last fall nearly 50 people attended our first weather meet up at Fado Irish Pub in downtown Denver. We had such a good time that we knew another would not be far behind. We're excited to announce today the date of the next weather meet up: 6pm Thursday, February 26, 2015. When and where? Note: Next month's meet up will be at a new location! * Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015 * Time: 6 to 8:30pm * Where: Syntax: Physic Opera [http://physicopera.
A New Look for Weather5280 to Start 2015
A new year and big changes this week at Weather5280 as we unveil a new look and feel to the site. Until now, Weather5280 has been a custom built Node.js application which, over time, has proved difficult to maintain, especially with the addition of so many new contributors over the last year. This release transitions the site to the Ghost platform for article creation and curation, while still wrapping the entire app in another Node.js
Weather5280 Update: Responsive CSS
Improved Mobile Experience Over the last few months more and more traffic has come from mobile devices, so I spent the weekend introducing responsive design to Weather5280 in hopes to improve the mobile experience. Now Weather5280 will render a bit differently between desktop, tablet, and phones, which should lead to a better experience and help keep the focus on weather, and not how skilled you are at pinch-zoom. Additional changes have come along with this update. On desktop, the forecast ha
Less vanity, more weather
I started this blog almost five years ago to the day. From its humble beginnings on Blogger (target audience friends and family) to where it is today has been a wonderful journey. It has been a true joy to share my biggest passion in the world with you. Last year I asked Josh Larson to collaborate with me in forecasting winter storms along Colorado's Front Range. We had been forecasting weather across northeast Colorado for years, so joining forces made sense and came very