Denver Weather
Weekend Preview, Severe Weather Chance
As we head into the first weekend of June, we should be mindful of the severe weather chances that cover both days. As you've noticed, temperatures have warmed the past few days, and Denver has returned to the 70s which last this weekend. The warmth is despite a cold front, a weak one, to move through Saturday that will act as a focal point for some thunderstorms throughout the weekend. Saturday Cold front grazes the area and will trigger and steer a few thunderstorms from midday through the
Severe Weather
Friday's Severe Weather Outlook: May 16th, 2019
A storm system will strengthen while it moves through the region Friday. This system will spark several thunderstorms, and the environment will provide lots of energy for thunderstorms to be potentially damaging. The SPC outlook shows enhanced risk areas in Nebraska and Texas, and slight risk areas from the Dakotas and Iowa south into Texas. Here is a snapshot of the 3km NAM late Friday afternoon showing multiple discrete thunderstorms in an environment where damaging hail, wind, and tornadoe
Tuesday PM Update: Springtime in the Rockies
From snow one weekend... to summer heat the next... to the severe weather we saw yesterday. It's been quite a stretch for weather across the Front Range and eastern Colorado. Things set up just as expected yesterday, unfortunately that equated to a damaging hail storm for much of the metro area – especially on Denver's west and north side. Hail the size of golf balls rained down under a large severe thunderstorm around 3pm on Monday. Hundreds of cars [
Severe Weather
First Severe Weather Outlook for Colorado Wednesday
The Storm Prediction Center continues to outline extreme northeastern Colorado for potential severe weather Wednesday. This threat is slight, but is the first of the season for the state. The most likely risk will be damaging hail, but there is potential for spot-fires from lightning and and damaging wind as well. The rest of north central Colorado could have thunderstorms, but the likelihood of anything damaging is far less likely. You can clearly see the comma shape to the slight risk area