Wednesday PM Update: Here Comes the Heat

We saw some pockets of heavy rain in recent days, but unfortunately showers were widely scattered in nature, and not everyone was able to capitalize on »

It's Not Just You, This Summer's Been Hot Across Northeast Colorado

We're nearly two thirds of the way through meteorological summer (June 1 – August 31), and so far, 2016 has been a very warm summer indeed. While »

The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's hard to believe that we're now a bit more than halfway through July 2016. It's always amazing to me how fast we transition from snow-threat to heatwaves around here, with those frosty May mornings now »

Hot Weekend Ahead as Stretch of 90s Continues

Denver's hottest day of the year so far has been 90°, which has happened three times to date: June 10, 11, and today. After another day »

Heatwave to Break Records in the Northwest U.S. this Weekend

A big western ridge will pump record-setting heat into the northwest United States this weekend, with highs expected to exceed 30° above normal for many locations »

The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, June 22, 2015

A very typical mid to late June pattern in place across the state, and with that we've seen temperatures really climb in recent days. Denver International »

Flooding Rains Ease, but Here Comes the Heat

Our drought-reducing progress will go on pause for a while as warmer and drier weather returns to the region. Temperatures over the next week will climb »