Parts of Louisiana Devastated by Flooding; National Media Quiet

It's an election year, the Olympics are on, and crazy guys are climbing Trump Tower with suction cups attached to their hands and feet. With these and other "important" news stories (often told by animated GIF) »

Without Warning: Moving from Twitter Anger to Action

NBC headline proclaiming tornado came "without warning" falls flat Last night I had the opportunity to talk to Dakota Smith and Tyler Jankoski on their Weather Junkies podcast. It was a fun experience, and the first »

Data and Knowledge, the Key to Changing Public 'Opinion'

I was ready to hit publish on one post with the aim of beginning work on another. I quickly realized that perhaps the two were connected, »

"Today in Stupid El Niño Headlines"

Full credit for this post goes to Matt Lanza (@mattlanza) as he has put all the blood, sweat, and (mostly) tears into gathering these "Stupid El Niño Headlines". All we've done is gone ahead and put »