Denver Forecast
Warm Through The Weekend; Changes Next Week?
The warm-up is on as we head into the end of the week and weekend across eastern Colorado. Highs in Denver will climb back into the 50s, with a few days possibly climbing into the 60s. This "January thaw" will feel great after our recent cold stretch, but hopefully (for snow lovers anyway) won't turn into a "winter thaw". As we discussed last week , this pull back was expected, but the question is will the flip back to cold still occur f
The State of the Atmosphere: Saturday, March 15, 2014
Outlook for the second half of of March into early April While we've seen a few storms move through recently, only one has produced what could be considered decent moisture. The others have been coming from the northwest, moving too fast, and have been followed by wind which basically nullifies the moisture benefit by sucking it right back out of the ground. March is traditionally our snowiest month, but this likely won't end up being the case given the pattern. This has to do with the overall