Tuesday Tidbits

Since my update Sunday a lot has happened in the world. Alabama won. Leo won a Golden Globe and apparently made some sort of awkward face »

A Look Ahead to Christmas Week: Wintry West, "Torch" East

Favorable pattern for Western U.S. snowfall continues After another chilly day today across eastern Colorado we see ridging return to the state as we head »

East Coast is Warm, Everyone's Freaking Out

Welcome EC, to winters in the west of late The last month has been what many would call a "torch" in the east, leaving those who »

Meanwhile... In Hawaii

While a lot of the United States has battled cold tempertures and intermittent snow over the last month, there's one place we don't typically associate with »

Lake-effect Snow Explained

This past week, we have been hit another meteorology buzz term of “Lake-effect Snow” (known in the meteorological community as LES). Buffalo, NY was inundated by »

America is Not Underwater, Literally

Let’s get a few things straight. Detroit, Baltimore, heck, even the entire northeast is not “America”. Throw in a few isolated locations in Arizona, maybe »

Severe Weather Outbreak Spawns Tornadoes Across Southeast

Storms continue tonight and into tomorrow across southeast Severe weather continues across the southeast tonight after another round of awful severe weather. According to the Storm »