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Tuesday Tidbits
Since my update Sunday a lot has happened in the world. Alabama won. Leo won a Golden Globe and apparently made some sort of awkward face directed at Lady Gaga. And, this photo of an icy car has "gone viral": Only one of those things will repeat through the rest of January...the icy situation along the Great Lakes. If you know me, you know I need to get a job soon if I'm looking at "what is trending" in the superficial wor
Denver Weather
A Look Ahead to Christmas Week: Wintry West, "Torch" East
Favorable pattern for Western U.S. snowfall continues After another chilly day today across eastern Colorado we see ridging return to the state as we head into Friday and the weekend. This will help temperatures rebound nicely – highs in the 40s Friday, and likely 50s for Saturday, with gusty winds along the Front Range being really the only weather concern over the next few days. The ridging will be very transient, however, and by the end of the weekend we already see troughing plowing back
East Coast is Warm, Everyone's Freaking Out
Welcome EC, to winters in the west of late The last month has been what many would call a "torch" in the east, leaving those who have been eagerly anticipating another brutal east coast winter wondering why Godzilla won't cooperate! To which I point out two important facts: the winter "season" is very young, and it's about damn time the west sees some cooler temperatures and snow – we should all enjoy it while it lasts. All it will take
Meanwhile... In Hawaii
While a lot of the United States has battled cold tempertures and intermittent snow over the last month, there's one place we don't typically associate with winter weather that has seen multiple blizzard warnings. The National Weather Service said Monday morning's low temperature of 57 degrees at Honolulu Airport broke the record low temperature for this date, set 122 years ago, of 60 degrees. On Kauai, the low of 57 de
Lake Effect
Lake-effect Snow Explained
This past week, we have been hit another meteorology buzz term of “Lake-effect Snow” (known in the meteorological community as LES). Buffalo, NY was inundated by heavy snow amount with some places receiving > 80” in a 5-day period. It snowed so much that the NFL had to postpone and relocate the Buffalo Bills football game this past Sunday to Monday night in Detroit. Even the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, got into the LES talk by blaming the National Weather Service (NWS) about their terrib
America is Not Underwater, Literally
Let’s get a few things straight. Detroit, Baltimore, heck, even the entire northeast is not “America”. Throw in a few isolated locations in Arizona, maybe Seattle... still not America. The United States of America includes all 50 states, yes, even those west of the Mississippi. Titled “America Is Under Water, Literally ”, today’s post on the Slate [
Severe Weather
Severe Weather Outbreak Spawns Tornadoes Across Southeast
Storms continue tonight and into tomorrow across southeast Severe weather continues across the southeast tonight after another round of awful severe weather. According to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) there have been 44 preliminary tornado reports today. This means several of these reports could be duplicates, and or later determined not be be tornadoes by the NWS. That number may grow as there are still many active tornado warnings at this hour. Here's a look at where the line of storms ar
Snow on the Ground in Every State but Florida
The latest analysis from the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center tells so much of how this winter has been: cold and snowy from the Rockies east. Today every state in the country has at least some snow cover, with the exception of Florida. In all, 57.9% of the United States is covered by snow, that's up from 43.7% a year ago today (below). Also note how different the pattern was --