A Flooding Disaster on the High Plains
Virtually the only hazards issued by the National Weather Service today across the contiguous United States are Flood Warnings. Nebraska and Iowa have been hit particularly hard by flooding following last week's "bomb cyclone ", a historic storm which delivered heavy snow and rain to the Plains States, following what has been a cold end to the winter for the region. Seven day precipitation anomalies show just how wet it's been for the heart of the country, with some of th
Solar Eclipse
The State of the Atmosphere (Eclipse Edition): Sunday, August 20, 2017
As we discussed in Friday's update , we'll have some clouds to contend with for tomorrow's total eclipse. We do think that for much of the northern urban corridor, Southeast Wyoming, and Western Nebraska, the thicker clouds should at least be scattered in nature, and hopefully the cloud deck moves east of these areas by late morning. Some high clouds for all regions outlined above will certainly be a concern, with little confidence anyone sees 100
Solar Eclipse Forecast Update
Just a few days now until the much anticipated total solar eclipse will sweep across the United States. For those getting set to travel to the path of totality, and even for those that can't make the trip, the question of if the weather will cooperate is top of mind. There's fairly good agreement in the large scale pattern that's setting up for early next week. For Colorado, eastern Wyoming, and western Nebraska, it looks like a west/southwest flow aloft will be the dominant feature, with partl
Severe Weather
Twin Tornadoes in Nebraska, more Severe Weather in Forecast
Yesterday's severe weather outbreak turned deadly in Nebraska as several strong tornadoes touch down across the state. The two confirmed fatalities are the first since 2004 for the state, as tornadoes ripped through small communities Monday afternoon. Among the tornadoes that touched down yesterday were two rare "twin tornadoes". These two tornadoes were responsible for much of the damage in northeast Nebraska Monday afternoon as they pushed through the small town of Pilger, NE. Take a look at