El Niño Continues to Strengthen; Stage Set for Active Monsoon

Summer Forecast Update For the past several months we've been calling for the pattern to stay wet and generally cooler than normal for the foreseeable future. »

El Niño Update and Forecast

We all remember what happened last year at this time. There was a lot of talk about a Super El Niño getting ready to occur. That certainly didn't come to pass, and we talked a lot »

March Ended Unusually Warm and Dry, Fitting the Long-term Pattern

March was Colorado's 6th warmest and 20th driest since 1895. Further, this year is on pace to be the 4th warmest for Colorado in 120 years. »

PDO Breaks Record for Highest Positive for Month of December

The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) index broke the record for highest positive ever recorded during the month of December in 2014. At 2.51, this is »

Flashback: Remember that Super El Niño Talk?

Today, NOAA dropped the likelihood of an El Niño episode to 58% (see here). This percentage has continued to fall since the spring, when it was »

When it Comes to Drought Relief, El Niño isn't the Only Player

We have addressed El Niño in previous posts, and what it could potentially mean or not mean, in the coming months. While El Niño gets all »