Wednesday PM Update: End of Week Chance of Snow

Well, the hype has been building after more than a month without measurable snowfall for Denver. That hype may continue even though a storm is about »

Tuesday PM Update: Warm Days are Numbered, but Does Winter Return?

The recent "heat" continues today, and on through at least the first half of Wednesday as well before we finally see an end to the streak »

Quick Shot at Weekend Snow Following Potential Record-Setting Warmth on Friday

As we discussed in Monday's update, this will be quite warm across eastern Colorado, with no day warmer than Friday as potential record-setting highs take aim »

Monday PM Update: Mountain Snow Returns; Warm Across the Plains

Well, we're certainly experiencing that long-advertised lull in winter across the plains, as highs have climbed into the low 60s for the third straight day in »

Wednesday PM Update: Winter Weather Advisory Through 8am Thursday

The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for the urban corridor as low cloud cover and fog bring a threat of ice to »