Extreme Heat
Going for three 100-degree days in a row in Denver
Tuesday and Wednesday both hit 100-degree heat and the city will make a run at it again Thursday. Tuesday hit a high of 101 . Wednesday hit 100. Both of those record setting highs. Today could be another record and the hottest of the three as the city aims for 103 (all-time hottest temperature for Denver is 105 hit in 2018, 2012, 2005 and 1878). The incredible heat recently isn't just isolated to Colorado. As we've
Record Heat
Denver hits 100+ with more heat ahead
Denver hit the 100s for the first time this year, and set a daily record high Tuesday. By 2:30 pm NWS Boulder confirmed the heat in this tweet . The City of Denver prepared based on the hot forecast: This is the first triple-digit temperature since September 5th, 2020. The Colorado Climate Center keeps tabs on the new records set so far . Here are observed hig
Denver Forecast
Hottest day of year on tap Monday, even hotter tomorrow
For the first time since last September, we may record 100 degrees early this week. As discussed in Sunday's SOTA, hot weather sticks around a few days this week with records to fall across the area and across the Western US. The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, June 13th, 2021Temperatures will be near to and will set records this week - prepare for a hot one! The hottest temperature so far this year has been 95 in Denver, 94 in Fort Collins, 98 in Greeley, 91 in Boulder, 87 in Castle Rock, an
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Sunday, June 13th, 2021
Temperatures will be near to and will set records this week - prepare for a hot one! The hottest temperature so far this year has been 95 in Denver, 94 in Fort Collins, 98 in Greeley, 91 in Boulder, 87 in Castle Rock, and 93 in Colorado Springs. We are likely to see those numbers replaced this week. The setup: A very large dome of high pressure will be in place this week across the Western US. Let's call it a Drought High as its presence will be reinforced by the significant drought conditions
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, April 5th, 2021
Monday will feature more record setting warmth across the state ahead of our next weather system. The forecast of 82°F for Denver today would tie the previous record for the date set in 1991, should it verify, and some guidance suggest we could even break that high by a degree or two. Sunday we saw many daily records fall across a huge portion of the country, including many long standing records across Colorado. With a high of 80°F Sunday in Denver, we broke the old record for the date by 4°F
Record Heat
Another day of record-breaking heat in the West, now how cold will it get in Denver by Tuesday?
It was another stunning day for temperature records across the Western United States, including across Colorado. Denver was spared setting yet another couple of records today, likely thanks in part to the Cameron Peak Fire smoke plume that moved over the city early afternoon and helped keep temperatures just a hint cooler than they otherwise might have been. Still, Denver tied the record high for the date with DIA hitting 97°F degrees this afternoon, a record first set back in 2013. The ma
Denver hits 101°F, marking the hottest temperature on record for September with snow in the forecast Tuesday
As we outlined yesterday, numerous temperature records are at stake in the coming days for Denver. Today we set three of them. Latest 100-degree reading on record for Denver With the temperature breaking 100°F this afternoon at Denver International Airport, September 5th becomes the latest 100-degree day on record for the city in 146 years of record keeping. Prior to 2019 the latest on r
Denver Forecast
Finally a break from the heat, but how cool will it go?
We have one more hot afternoon to work through before we finally get a break from the 90s and record heat we've been experiencing much of this month. It's been an extremely hot and dry month across the region. Denver's average temperature for the month is running 5.4°F above the longterm average through the 26th. With an average temperature of 78.4°F this month, this would be the hottest August on record if it were to end today. The next couple of days will help knock back that average a littl
Record Heat
Denver's first 100-degree day of 2020
Tuesday hit 100 for the first time this year, and a new record for the date also. We did a perspective piece on 100 degree heat back in July, here's a link to that for many Colorado locations and Denver's history . The previous record was 98 degrees last set in 2013. This makes the 58th 90+ day this year for Denver, which is way over the average. The DIA average per year sin
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, June 1, 2020
100 degree heat returns to Colorado this week Hot weather, potentially record-setting, arrives across Colorado the first week of June. The heat is not only for Colorado but for much of the region. This won't be the first 100s of the year. The last weekend of May brought 100-degree heat to Lamar, CO. As we look across the region for the next week we see all of the following stations featuring double digit above average temperatures each day at this early June heat takes hold: And, of those th
Record Heat
Denver's first 90 degree day came with record heat across Colorado
Tuesday set a number of records across the state for heat, including Denver. Denver not only hit 90 degrees for the first time this year, but also set a record high set of 92°F. The previous record was 90°F set back in 2009. Denver was not the only site to set a record Tuesday. Across Colorado, more than a dozen stations report record highs as of Tuesday afternoon (some stations will not report their record until Wednesday). Of those, new records for Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academ
Record Heat
Denver Sets New Record High for September
The temperature at Denver International Airport reached 100 degrees on Monday, setting a new record high for both the date and for the month of September. This was the second time this summer Denver hit the century mark, also breaking 100 degrees back on July 19th. Temperatures cool today, if only briefly. Highs in Denver will be in the mid 80s Tuesday before warming back into the 90s Wednesday and Thursday. The good news, looking at the hourly planner below, is the daily storm chances increas
Record Heat
A Look Ahead as Record Warmth Continues Across Eastern Colorado
Just after noon today we were sitting in the mid 70s across the greater Denver area. The record for the date is 70°F for Denver, which we've already bested by 3° officially at Denver International Airport this afternoon. So, is winter over? The good news is, it's certainly not over in the high country. Statewide snowpack is currently running at 144% of normal (the blue line below) which FAR outpaces any recent year (including the relatively go
Record Heat
Quick Chance for Rain and Snow in Wake of Record Warmth
Yesterday's high of 80° degrees at Denver International Airport not only smashed the old record high for the date of 71° set back in 1951, but also established a new record high temperature for the month of February! It was WARM out there, with temperatures Friday all across eastern Colorado more commonly found in June, not February. Today we'll cool things down a bit, but highs will once more be above average. Temperatures across the Denver area this morning were in the low 50s, with highs e
Chinook Wind
Heavy Snow, Record Heat, and High Winds Make for Wild Thursday in Colorado
It was one of those classic Colorado days on Thursday where winter and summer were separated by just a few hundred miles. As record high temperatures were set all across the eastern Plains, heavy mountain snow and strong winds produced hazardous winter travel conditions in the mountains. Denver International Airport recorded a record high of 73° F Thursday, breaking the old record for the date of 71° set in 1930. There were many other record highs broken across the state on Thursday as well, a
Colorado Weather
Record-Setting Heat Ahead?
It wouldn't be winter along the Front Range without an extended period of freakishly warm weather, now would it. That's exactly what we're facing right now, and quite frankly, it's not looking to break any time soon. So, while February 2016 will end with well above normal snowfall, without some serious shifts in the coming days, the month as a whole will likely end overwhelmingly warm and dry. In so many ways we've actually made out quite lucky this winter across eastern Colorado. As we explai