Snowfall Totals
Monday PM update: Impressive snow totals for some so far, more on the way
More snow is in the forecast even as some areas have already seen more than their fair share. As we opined on Saturday, "the Boulder area the most likely to "feel" like a good storm from this one" and I'd say this morning that this was an understatement –– some parts of Boulder county are approaching 20" of snow as of midday Monday. While others haven't seen much accumulate, even parts of the Denver area have done quite well. Our station, located in Denver West has picked up nearly 7" of snow
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall totals as flurries continue today, rain and snow showers possible Saturday
Yesterday's storm has departed, leaving in its wake a blanket of snow across the Front Range and eastern plains. While we continue to see those chilly temperatures and pockets of snow/flurries this afternoon, the appreciable snowfall is over. Another coating to 1" will be possible for those that see these showers, but otherwise just a cold start to spring across Northeast Colorado. At our place, we picked up 5.75" of snow, right within our low-end 5 - 10" range forecast issued for west Denver.
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall totals as storm departs, and warming up for the remainder of the week!
The biggest issue with yesterday's forecast is the band of heaviest snowfall ended up about 30 miles south of where we thought the highest probability of its occurrence would be. Otherwise, things went about as expected –– timing and totals were spot on. The heaviest snow band was indeed able to produce totals of 4 - 7" as we expected it would, it just ended up over the south side of the Palmer Divide and Colorado Springs metro area instead of up north. Where we didn't see the more persistent h
Snowfall Totals
Tuesday PM Update: Another chance of snow Wednesday before a quieter end to week
Yesterday's snow event had a few surprises up its sleeve, but for the most part panned out as expected: largely a dud across the Denver area, with Colorado Springs again seeing a pretty healthy snow, some 4 - 6" in many spots. The map below is a fairly good representation of the snowfall over the last 72 hours. Big snow totals across the northern mountains, and the heaviest snow across Eastern Colorado focused along and south of the Palmer Divide. Last night we saw a band set up well north of D
Snowfall Totals
Incredible banded snowfall event comes to an end, map of latest snowfall totals
What an event! We've been discussing internally that we really can't recall a setup like this producing the widespread heavy snow that we've seen over the last 24 hours. While snow events along a northwest flow such as this very often produce boom snowfall (I wrote a horrible ode to this a few years back ), it's usually over a much narrower geography, and to see so much of Denver/Monument/Colorado Springs get buried is als
Denver Forecast
Not over yet, heavy snow continues for the mountains, off and on snow for the urban corridor through the afternoon
So far this system has played out just as expected –– delivering another good helping of snow for some, and largely skipping others altogether. The heaviest snowfall last night setup south of where many models had it. How many times did we reiterate the fact that the placement of that heavy snow was likely to change, and we wouldn't know for sure until it developed. We've been very forward about the uncertainty around this forecast, but hopefully conveyed the potential this setup had as well.
Snowfall Totals
Northeast Colorado snowfall totals November 25 - 26, 2019, and season to date snowfall stats
We needed a day to let the storm clear, but here, finally, are some snowfall totals from what was all in all a well predicted significant November snowstorm for the region. Satellite images confirm the aerial impact of the storm, showing a large snowfield over northern Colorado... plus clouds to the west from our incoming system. Denver International Airport recorded 9.5" of snow, which will be the official tally for the city [/blog/2015/03/26/why-denvers-official-weather-station-should-be-m
Snowfall Totals
Third snowiest October for Stapleton, 4th Boulder, 5th Colorado Springs
Given no snow is expected today, the month will close at 12.5 inches of snowfall for Denver which is 12th highest of all 'official' Denver Octobers. That stat does compare several snowfall measurement sites, so let's see how it really compares. First, this October ranks 12th in Denver's official record: Since this monthly total was measured at DIA, let's compare this to DIA's period of record for October snow totals: This year is 2nd to 2009 in DIA's short history of snowfall reports. L
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall totals across Northeast Colorado, October 30, 2019
What a wild run of weather its been over the last several days. The snow is moving out this morning, but the cold will linger for another night. Our forecast high today takes us into the low 20s across the region, with overnight lows early Halloween morning dropping to near 0°F. Halloween will be warmer , but still chilly –– with highs near 40°F Thursday afternoon, dropping to near freezing for trick or treating. The hourly planner for Denver below shows the snow is all b
Denver Forecast
Travel Troubles Already, Another Round of Heavy Snow Tuesday PM
If Tuesday morning's drive is any indication of how the rest of the day will play out, stay home! Tuesday morning had an initial push of heavy snow across the region ahead of another push of snow expected later Tuesday all the way through Wednesday morning, for some. All modeling from late Monday and Tuesday early morning had the morning snowfall for the northern Front Range and mountains for the morning drive, but to seemingly trivial amounts –– outside of Fort Collins which was progged to ha
Snowfall Totals
Round One Snowfall Totals, Winter Storm Warning Posted for Tuesday into Wednesday
Monday evening update: Latest snowfall and temperature timeline for Denver, the chance of snow goes up at about 5am Tuesday: Weather5280 Insider: A look at PM model runs, latest snowfall gambler charts, and our thoughts on storm's potential -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round one underperformed in some areas, b
Snowfall Totals
Storm Recap: Snowfall Totals and Forecast Verification
Snowfall totals for the overnight storm came Thursday morning and fit largely within the forecast ranges we provided earlier this week. Here are the point observations via the CoCoRaHS network. Click here for an interactive version of this map . An interpolation of the observations is shown here(right), side by side with our forecast(left). Overall, the majority of points aligned with the forecast. Where we did not hit the mark was off by an inch or two. To have p
Record Cold
Historic Temperature Drop for October and Areas' First Snowfall
We know that you did not miss the cold and snow that blew through yesterday evening and today... you'd have to be living under a rock if you did. The temperature drop was historic for Denver and elsewhere, and will only become more so as temperatures drop tonight. The temperature dropped a whopping 64°F from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning, from a high of 83°F down to 19°F. Edit: as of 11:53 pm Thursday, hourly data from DIA showed a temperature down to 13 making the two-day drop 70 d
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall Totals as Storm Moves East, More Snow in the Forecast?
Well, how about that storm? We ended up with 5.75" of snow at our station in Denver (forecast was 2 - 6"), shaking out to be a pretty good April snow for the city. Officially Denver's total will be lower, with just 2.2" recorded at Denver International Airport. If you wondered why we kept questioning the need for a Blizzard Warning along the urban corridor with this system, I guess now you see. Some areas definitely picked up some good snow, but for most of us a blizzard it was not. The winds p
State of the Atmosphere
The State of the Atmosphere: Monday, April 1st, 2019
We will cover a couple of things in this week's SOTA. First, a storm recap from Friday/Saturday and second, a look at this week's forecast. First. Our forecast from Friday ended up working out quite well, with nice snow for along the Front Range to wrap up what was a cool and wet March for the region. Our station picked up 2.1" of snow Friday night, while Denver officially recorded 1.5" of snow at Denver International Airport. Both
Colorado Weather
Bomb Cyclone Delivers Wintry Wallop, Shuts Down Eastern Colorado
Yesterday's storm was ever bit as strong as advertised, delivering a wild assortment of weather to eastern Colorado on Wednesday. We set a new record low pressure for Colorado Wednesday morning as explosive cyclogensis took place over the Southeast Plains. A pressure of 969mb was recorded in Lamar, CO –– equivalent to one you'd find in a category 2 hurricane (the comparisons really end there). In a word: strong. In another word: incredible! My only complaint? Not enough snow at my house! 😉🤓😎
Denver Forecast
More Light Snow Possible, Bitter Cold Sticks Around Through Monday
There's really not much fun in trying to forecast a banded snowfall event, especially over such a large area. The last 48 hours brought a huge variation in snowfall totals from Colorado Springs to the Wyoming state line. In some areas our forecast has held up great, in others it's been a tragic bust. > Regarding "bands" snow forecasting...when I say, "keep the range in mind", I really mean..."I don't know where in the hell the heaviest snow band will set up" #straighttalk [
Snowfall Totals
Official Snowfall Total for Denver Greatest in Years, Monthly Snowfall Above Average Too
What a storm! Totals across the metro area ranged from just a Trace to nearly 9", with the greatest totals being found across the southern and eastern portions of the metro area. Denver International Airport recorded 8.3" of snow. This is the greatest storm total since April of 2016, and brings the monthly snowfall total to 13.4" in Denver , nearly double the monthly average for February of 7.7". This will be the first time in 26 mo
Snowfall Totals
Snowfall Totals, Bitter Cold, and a Look to the Weekend
Another pretty great snow for many areas yesterday, even as some along the northern urban corridor continue to miss on what has been overall an active pattern to end January and now start February. Despite many models depicting below average snowfall to start February for the Front Range, yesterday is exactly why we said to not sleep on this pattern. We ended up with 5.2" of snow at our station on the south side of downtown Denver. Totals from 4 - 7" were common across ce
Snowfall Totals
Heavy Snow Snarls Morning Drive, Snowfall "Boom" of the Season for the Denver Area
Officially, another exquisite forecast from us as Denver's official snowfall for today will be logged for eternity as a rather unremarkable 1.3", neatly within our 1 - 4" range issued yesterday. Of course... Denver's official records are kept at Denver International Airport , and for the city proper and for many of the surrounding suburbs this morning's snow was a completely different story. Our station on the south side of
Denver Forecast
Weekend Outlook: Quiet and Mild, Next Chance of Snow and Cold Comes Sunday Night
Thursday's snow finally included more communities along the northern urban corridor, and with exception of its timing during the morning rush, turned out to be a pretty nice event for most areas. We picked up 2" of snow at our station in Denver. Surrounding areas mostly saw between 1 - 3" of snow –– mainly within forecast boundaries –– though a few locations picked up ~4" of snow, especially those tucked against the foothills. Fort Collins south to Castle Rock did best, as well as points east o
Snowfall Totals
As System Exits, Many Ask "What Storm?" as Others Start Digging Out
I can't tell if the fact this is like the millionth storm in the last three years to come up short in Denver helps or hurts with this forecast bust in the city. I think it hurts. Almost everything went according to forecast, except for snowfall totals in the immediate metro area. Rapid change from mild to winter? ✅Snow moved into to Denver after 8pm last night, right on time? ✅Heaviest snow fell south and east of the city? ✅Strong winds caused blizzard conditions and closed roads across east-ce
Storm recap
Great Moisture and for Many Some Great Snowfall Totals as Storm Exits
Our system has moved into the midwest and will deliver heavy snow from eastern Kansas into the Mid-Atlantic states this weekend. Behind it chilly temperatures and flurries persist, but the impactful snow and rain should be done. The 3km NAM shows pockets of light accumulation across the area through Sunday evening, but most snow showers should be light with little to no accumulation, or nonexistent. A spotty 1/2" to 1" in spots should not be ruled out, with highs near 40F today and Sunday in De
Denver Weather
Snow Comes to an End, Leaves Behind Some Impressive Totals
Well, it wouldn't be a good old fashioned forecast bust without also busting in our back yard as well. We were sitting comfortably at 4" (top of forecast range) as of 6am this morning before a rogue band of moderate snowfall moved through and pushed us over the edge. This morning's band added about 1.5" of fluff on top of yesterday's snow, bringing our total to 5.5" at the Weather5280 south of downtown Denver. Of course we mentioned the likelihood of some additional snowfall last night/this m
Snowfall Totals
Storm Recap and a (Mostly?) Quiet End to The Week
A whole lot of not much snow for Denver last night as temperatures never quite cooperated with this event. While we did see the moisture as forecast, it was in the wrong form for the city, and this hurt our forecast in Denver. Elsewhere, we did well, though temperatures sure did their best to make that difficult. Our initial forecast we drew up Monday morning would have done much better. In it, we had Denver in the 0 - 2" range, as temperatures, melting, etc were a huge concern from the onset [