Tuesday PM Update: Good Snow for Northern Mountains; Update on Late Week System

You'll recall from our last system (many weeks ago...) that the Canadian was out front in forecasting snow, and by the time the GFS caught up, »

Colorado Mountains Have Driest February in 30 Years

The USDA announced Friday that Colorado's mountains experienced the driest February in 30 years. The data was measured from the Natural Resources Conservation Service Snow Telemetry »

Colorado's Snowfall so Far and Snowpack Update

We updated you on the Western U.S. snowpack last week. We have had a big system since, so let's see how things are now following the Groundhog Day Snow, focusing on Colorado and how much »

Western Snowpack Update January, 2016

As we near the end of January it seems prudent to take stock of how we're doing with snowpack in the west this super El Niño year. The answer is, much better than last year, but »

Colorado Snowpack Update: Recent Big Snows Mean Some Recovery

We last updated you on Colorado's snowpack nearly a month ago on February 12, and the picture we painted was a grim one for much of »

Western U.S. Benefits From Recent Rain; Snowpack Update

It's been a grim start to 2015 in the western US when it comes to snow, but recent rainfall has been beneficial The best rains have »

U.S. Drought Update: Drought Intensifies for Southwest, Record Heat for California

Posted by @brendansweather and @mattmakens247wx The latest drought report came out this week and it paints a pretty grim picture for much of the west, southwest, »