Storm Update
The wind has returned, a chilly night with rain and snow to follow
Just a quick update this evening to reiterate the chilly night ahead. Lots of folks have been asking about their sensitive vegetation, what the wind is expected to do, and who may see snow. First, the wind. A High Wind Warning remains in effect for all of Eastern Colorado. Winds from 30 to 45 mph will be expected through much of the night, with gusts to 60 mph. A look at latest reports from across the region show sustained winds of 30 mph already up and down the urban corridor this evening:
Storm Update
Saturday PM update: Latest on late weekend rain and snow
Not much change to the outlook today than what we've been discussing for several days now. A chilly and wet end to the weekend looks likely along much of the urban corridor and the northern Front Range mountains. You'll recall in our update last week , the Palmer Divide region has been some of the driest in the state compared to average thus for this month. The good news about th
Storm Update
Heavy snow from Boulder to Fort Collins, Denver's best chance of snow still ahead
Nothing in the evening data to suggest we're headed for a bust, as snowfall probabilities are highest since March blizzard tonight across Northern Colorado. In fact, some models are pulling heavier snow south into Denver, Castle Rock, and even northern/western Colorado Springs tonight. We showed the HRRR forecast earlier today [/blog/2019/11/25/minor-forecast-adjustments-as-we-await-first-flakes-heavy-snow-across
Storm Update
Minor forecast adjustments as we await first flakes, heavy snow across Northeast Colorado tonight into Tuesday
Not too much change to the going forecast, only minor adjustments as we try to figure out what ultimately this thing is going to do. A Winter Storm Warning goes into effect at 8pm this evening, and will continue into Tuesday afternoon. From the National Weather Service in Boulder: > * WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Winds gusting as high as 40 mph. > * WHERE...From the Denver metro area and Castle Rock north to Boulder and Longmont, Greeley, and Fort Morgan. > * WHEN...Snow will develop t
Denver Forecast
Tuesday PM update: Is the heaviest snow done?
After an exciting morning, anticipation for the afternoon wave has made for a long wait. As of 3pm we are seeing signs of life again on the radar, with a band up north forming, and more activity picking up south of Denver as well: The trend through the day has been to be weaker and further south with the afternoon/evening snow. This actually will help our forecast, for as you'll recall we went low across the northern urban corridor [/blog/2019/10/28/round-one-snowfall-totals-winter-storm-warn
Snow Forecast
Weekend Snow Event, Thursday PM Update
The weekend snow event is on track to spread heavy snowfall across many areas, including sections of Denver and potentially near Fort Collins this time too. Skiers/riders will love the weekend trip, heavy snowfall in the mountains Friday and Saturday with well over a foot of new snow on a lot of ski areas. Locally, there are ultimately two waves of energy that will bring snowfall to the area. The first scheduled for late Friday through Saturday morning and this will hit Northern Colorado and S
Storm Update
Running a Temperature
Things are playing out about as expected across the region today, with wet heavy snow (mixing with rain at times) developing just before dawn this morning, and likely to continue off and on into tonight. Temperature have been just dreadful for those hoping for big snow totals in the city. We bottomed out at 33°F earlier this morning, but have since warmed about a degree. Despite continual snow, we've only manage
Snowfall Forecast
Quick Storm Update
Quick update today to check in on our storm system due in Wednesday. Overall, little change to what we discussed yesterday. It continues to look like the greatest impacts from this event will be felt across the eastern plains of Colorado (perhaps even east of the state line), rather than along the Front Range and urban corridor. We do expect a chance of snow across the entire area Wednesday into Thursday, but snow totals at this time look relatively low -- likely in the Trace to 3" range for th
Storm Update
Saturday PM Update: A Check on the Rain, Snow, and Wind Impacting Colorado This Weekend
After a high of 60 degrees just after noon today , temperatures have fallen into the 30s and 40s across the region behind the passage of the front and associated rain showers. Overall, not much change to the going forecast for several days now. Impacts continue to look minimal for the greater Denver area, with a 40 - 50% chance of snow showers continuing through the night. Any accumulation across the metro area is expected to be light, with most neighborhoods not seeing any
Storm Update
Monday AM Update: Cold and Snow Have Arrived, Stick With us Through Tuesday
Yesterday our station topped out at 69°F, this morning we bottomed out at 10°F, a drop of 59° in about 12 hours, and certainly a jarring reality check. The cold front has worked its way through Colorado now and is marching its way across the southern plains states. Take a look at the impressive temperature gradient across eastern Kansas, Oklahoma, and now northern Texas this morning! If we zoom closer to home, we see latest surface observations showing temperatures from 10 to 14°F across nor
Storm Update
Winter Storm Warning Posted, Storm Update
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday, 9:40pm Insider Update: One last check on the latest data ahead of approaching storm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for all of northeast Colorado. It goes into effect at midnight tonight and e
Storm Update
Thursday Storm Update
Spring in Colorado, I'll tell you what. In case there was any question, our storm system we've been tracking all week has arrived, and has arrived in earnest. Heavy snow has been reported up and down the Front Range from northern Colorado Springs clear into southeast Wyoming. The Front Range foothills continue to get hit the hardest, but pockets of heavy snow have moved through Denver as well, with some decent accumulation along the Palmer Divide
Storm Update
Friday Evening Update: Snow Chance Remains, Totals Likely Underwhelming for Some
If you are like us, you'll probably stay awake tonight and constantly look out your window at what is, or is not, falling. Then check the radar for a few minutes awaiting the next scan and then run to the window again. This week was chaotic in the modeling world regarding tonight's storm. Snowfall totals were huge early on; the GFS had an epic snow coming our way for a time. And that model had lots of publicity on the social media channels as a result. As you've read our updates throughout the
Denver Forecast
Minor Tweaks to Snowfall Forecast as Chilly Temps Settle In
It's feeling a little more like it should this time of year across the region as colder air has now filtered into northeast Colorado. A look at temperature changes over the last 24 hours shows most locations across eastern Colorado running from 15 to 30 degrees colder this morning than Wednesday morning: We have seen snow develop this morning along the Front Range urban corridor. It'll continue off and on into Friday, with temperatures continuing to fall over the next 24 hours or so. Latest M
Storm Update
Wednesday Evening Update on Storm
A quick update this evening on the storm as we're fielding a lot of questions about whether or not this one is a bust. Simple answer is no. At least not yet. Long answer is, it likely will under perform (bust) for some, and perhaps over perform for others. These banded snowfall events are incredibly finicky, and it's near impossible to pin down exactly where any particular band will end up. Overall, as we've been saying all week, those living in Denver north to Fort Collins will have the best
Storm Update
Storm Update and Weekend Outlook
It's been a wet and chilly day all across the state with some areas seeing heavy snow, others seeing most a rain/snow mix, and still others seeing mostly rain. Overall we're happy with how the forecast has worked out so far, the exception being downtown where we really didn't need to bump totals up yesterday. Snow didn't start in earnest in Denver until about 8 or 9am this morning, and while it's been snowing ever since, it's just been too warm in combination with the high late-April sun for an
Winter Storm
Storm Update: Evening Models Upping Snow Totals
While the core of our forecast remains intact, tonight's computer models are suggesting that even more snow is possible. This is especially true for the city of Denver and even the Palmer Divide. A few things give us pause for jumping on this sizable increase in forecast totals: 1)The storm will be moving through pretty quickly 2) It will be snowing during the daytime, which usually reduces snow accumulation this time of year 3) Temperatures will be hovering around freezing all day. That factore